Oh, saltillo! Saltillo tiling is famous for boasting a rich brown, deep terracotta shade that complements almost every single home improvement project imaginable. A favorite among Spanish architecture fans, saltillo tile looks great on its own. 

However, there are other ways to make saltillo take center stage in your home. These stain colors can make a huge difference in how your tiling looks. Most saltillo tile stain colors tend to make your tiles lean one or two shades away from the tile’s normal color. 

Though most colors tend to be pretty subtle, there’s no reason to go for nuanced looks if you don’t want to. We rounded up a bunch of fun and fabulous saltillo tile stain colors that are hitting the markets.

1. Back 2 Black Saltillo Tile Stain

Source: Design Indulgence

Saltillo tile is most commonly seen as a brown and orangey tile color that’s fairly light in hue. This photo shows that staining saltillo black isn’t just an option. It’s a great way to modernize a home that uses saltillo while adding a touch of drama. 

You may need to make several layers of stain to make this happen, but the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping. This black tile is amazing when it’s paired with white furniture. It’s bold, it’s hot, it’s always in style.

2. Bricked Out

Source: Saltillo Tile Sealing

Saltillo tile is supposed to be orangey and almost brick-like, right? Well, yes, but it’s not supposed to be this level of reddish brown. What you’re seeing here is a very subtle (but very real) stain and seal that helps give you tile that looks like classic brick. 

This is a great choice for people who tend to want a more traditional British look but currently have saltillo in their home. The best way to get this look perfect is to go for a shade that is just three shades darker than what you currently have. 

3. Make It Blush

Source: Grout Protection in Shirley

Sometimes, the best way to treat saltillo tile is not to shy away from the rosy tones that it offers. Rather, it might be a better idea to let them rise to the top. Here, we see saltillo tile that has been given a grout makeover and a stain to revitalize the look of the tile. 

As you can see here, the stain definitely adds a bit of a red tint to the flooring. This is a bold and perhaps even edgy look. If you want to get a little more exotic, make a point to weather the tiles. You’ll get a gritty-chic ambiance from it. 

4. Gone Grey Saltillo Tile Stain

Source: JK Marble Maintenance

No, this is not poured concrete! This is a patio that has tons of saltillo tiles that were sealed for outdoor use and then stained grey. (Well, this is actually sealed and possibly painted, it’s hard to tell since there are multiple ways to get this look for your tiling.) 

Grey saltillo tiling is a rather novel concept for decoration, but it’s definitely catching on. If you want to stain your saltillo a grey hue, make sure that you seal it. Either way, the process is definitely a fast way to ensure you have a modern and sleek look to your home. 

5. Go For The Gold Saltillo Tile Stain

Source: Saltillo Tile Care in Plano

For a while, home designers started to shy away from yellow tiling and home accents. The concern was partly due to the flop that came from honey oak—but guess what! It’s back in style and people are going wild for the beautiful warm glow that comes with the right shade of gold for tile. 

Here, we see saltillo tiling stained with a more yellow-based hue paired with soft neutrals and tons of white. The end result is a home that has a warm, welcoming ambiance without it being too heavy-handed. With the right furniture, this home could turn into that perfect little slice of paradise everyone wants.

When in doubt, ask for some help.

Saltillo tiling is a gorgeous pick for almost any home, but the truth is that finding the right stain can be hard. Sometimes, what you think may look good may turn out to look a bit too dark or even a bit too heavy-handed. Other times, you might have a last minute change of heart based on the design you want to have. 

You don’t have to stain saltillo if you don’t want to, but if you want to, don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion on stains. Hearing what others think can help you pick out the shade that makes your room pop—and that’s what design is all about.

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