4 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Ambience with Lighting

Kitchen with ambient lighting including pendant lights, natural light and under cabinet lighting

The purpose of lighting in a home surpasses just being a light source. Each type of lighting has the power to create a certain feeling throughout the house.

Curious as to what style to consider in a renovation? Read on for a few illuminating ideas.

Recessed lights over a dining room table with wall-size window letting in natural light

1. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting features metal light housings and is installed over the ceiling line. Homeowners tend to love recessed lighting because the light source is not visible.

While this type of lighting requires extensive wiring, with the right electrician to help, homeowners can transform their living rooms with these lights.

In addition to highlighting the ceiling line, recessed lighting adds to the room’s ambiance, making a warm room feel warmer and full of life and light. Similarly, this type of lighting lends itself to minimalist design, which is fitting for any homeowner who prefers a modern style.

Oversized windows letting in natural light

2. Bigger Windows

Enlarging a home’s windows makes the entire space feel bigger. With more access to natural light, any home with larger windows will be brighter during daylight hours.

This exposure to sunlight will benefit everyone in the home as sunlight helps to boost people’s moods and energy, along with improving the overall atmosphere in the rest of the home.

Of course, this isn’t a viable option for every room. If you need to increase natural lighting in a room where small windows are the only ones available, consider putting up mirrors to help bounce the light around.


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