Clean Air in Your Shop: Picking the Right Dust Collection System

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Dust collection system
There are a lot of dust collection options out there to choose from.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini
Dust Collection Options for Any Workshop Tom is creating a new workshop and needs advice on the right dust collection system. Joe recommends a two-stage system that could separately clear out the bigger chunks of wood and the smaller chips.  Also, Tom could look into a device that connects both the saw and the vacuum, so they would operate under one switch.
How to Repair an Electrical Short Allen has an electrical short in his fuse box.  The fuse immediately blows when resetting and he wants to know if he should call an electrician or if it’s something he can handle on his own. Allen tells us he is concerned the GFCI outlet could be faulty.  We tell him he could replace it with an arc fault circuit interrupter or an AFCI outlet.  Also, if he is comfortable with electrical work, he could remove the breaker and have it inspected by a professional.
Fix for Discolored Acrylic Tub A yellow line remains where Helga’s guest shower doors used to be. She needs help finding something to remove it.   We recommend either acetone or a mixture of oxygen bleach and water to get rid of that yellow line.
Picking the Perfect Paint Sprayer Sheryl needs some advice to help her pick out the perfect paint sprayer for her next project. Chelsea recommends a Graco sprayer, specifically the magnum line for spraying exterior and interior projects.  Graco has a spray tip chart online that will help determine which tip to use on her specific project.  Another sprayer we used on our television show is a “Super Finish Max Sprayer” from HomeRight.    Joe tells Sheryl about an online magazine called “Paint Sprayer Mag.”  This is a great site for seeing the latest reviews on these products.
Finding a Hidden Septic Tank Hannah recently purchased a home with a septic tank. She wants to build a storage shed in the backyard but is concerned about building near the septic tank. Hannah can go to the town hall to retrieve a plan of the house.  This should tell her where the tank and leach fields are.

International Builders Show & Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

  Between show-stoppers, game-changers, and must-haves, the International Builders Show combined with the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show was something to behold. Here are just a few of the many items we saw while marching up and down the isles in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Simple Solutions

  3-Ways to Loosen Stubborn Screws

When using a manual screwdriver to loosen a screw, you often need a little extra leverage to get the screw started. Here are three ways to loosen stubborn screws. 

Easy Crystal Cleaning

Here’s a quick, easy way to clean crystals on chandeliers and other ceiling-mounted light fixtures—without removing them from the fixtures. 

Best New Products

Easy & New Way to Dim Dimmers are a great addition to lots of spaces because they allow you to change the atmosphere in a room with the intensity of the light. But not all dimmers work with the LED bulbs most of us use now. That’s where the new Sunnata touch dimmer with LED+ Technology comes in. 

Products Mentioned

Lutron Moen Trex DalTile Smart Flower Titebond Velux Skylights Graco Homeright Oneida


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