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Jodi Marks
A new, easy way to dim your lights.

Dimmers are a great addition to lots of spaces because they allow you to change the atmosphere in a room with the intensity of the light. But not all dimmers work with the LED bulbs most of us use now. That’s where the new Sunnata touch dimmer with LED+ Technology comes in. It’s been tested on thousands of bulbs and dozens of brands for superior dimming of LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs.  It’s easy to install because it works with your existing wiring, whatever the age of your home, and it doesn’t require a neutral wire. You tap the rocker to turn the lights on or off and swipe the built-in light bar to brighten or dim the lights… just like swiping your smartphone.   Plus, the light bar on the switch glows softly to help you find it in a dark room.  For more information on the Sunnata Touch Dimmer with LED+ Technology log on to homedepot.com.


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