Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

Chamberlain’s Garage Door Opener with Camera Boosts Security, Peace of Mind

If your home's primary entrance is in the garage, then you'll want Chamberlain's new garage door opener with integrated camera.
Sawing wood outside with a chainsaw

9 Necessary Tips for Using a Chainsaw to Clear Debris

Brave volunteers need some guidance on how to prepare for, use and maintain a chainsaw during intense storm clean-up efforts.
Senior citizens fill SmartControl Scepter fuel containers.

Message to Aging Americans: Protect Your Hands

As an important aspect of Healthy Aging® Month in September, Scepter® reminds consumers to re-evaluate the products they use around the home.
“Today’s Homeowner” host Danny Lipford, pictured with Paul Williams, Cync by GE's Vice President of Experiences & Professionally Installed Lighting

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure With Cync’s Innovative Systems

Listen to learn about Cync's wide array of options to make your home even more safe and secure!
Cat gazing at Christmas tree ornaments while nestled in a Christmas tree

How to Keep Pets Safe from Your Christmas Decorations

Few things tempt pets like Christmas trees and decorations — and that can lead to BIG trouble (toppled-over tree, anyone?). Here's how to keep your fur babies and home safe during the holidays.
Hurricane season

10 Hurricane Facts: Debunking the Most Popular Myths

Know the facts about hurricanes — that way, you can make informed decisions to protect your family before, during and after the storm. Here are the myths.

Don’t Panic: How to Save Fuel Safely

Safety should always be the highest priority when handling gasoline or other fuels. Purchase a tested, certified container to store fuel.
Ice dams pull down a gutter on a brick home

Ice Dams on Your Roof: How to Prevent Them

Glistening icicles hanging from gutters and eaves look beautiful, but they can be destructive. Here's how to prevent ice dams from forming.
Electrical outlet with a plug on fire

3 Hidden Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home

Electronic appliances, equipment and wiring can create hazards and cause electrical fires, serious injuries and property damage. Here's how to avoid them.