Danny Lipford Remembers His Childhood Home in Marianna, Florida

“Today’s Homeowner” co-host Chelsea Lipford Wolf recalls riding through Marianna, Florida, her dad, Danny’s, hometown growing up.

And, as a child, it wasn’t her favorite thing to do.

However, now that Chelsea is an adult, she can fully appreciate the small city’s significance. And now, she sees Marianna through Danny’s eyes.

The father-daughter duo visited for another reason this time: to help build a pocket park on ruins left from Hurricane Michael in 2018.

Danny pledged to help build Lafayette Landing, an entertainment and small events venue, in the historic downtown district, and he contributed a media gift valued at $50,000.

In this video, Chelsea and Danny taking a driving tour of Marianna before they get to work. They pass the “old Lipford homestead,” and Chelsea recalls visiting her grandparents there as a child.

And Danny remembers how big the home felt when he was a small child.

Watch this video for throwback footage as Danny and Chelsea drive down Memory Lane!

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