Stucco is an excellent home material that can add character and value to your house. Even though stucco comes in hundreds of different colors, some tend to give your home a more coveted look. These variations from a wide range of hues, saturations, and shades make settling on a specific color difficult.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work in finding the best stucco house colors that will bring out that new “home sweet home” feeling your property needs. Here are the different stucco house colors you can try.

1. Classic Light Design


This light stucco house color focuses on serving its function to deflect heat. Complimentary colors such as faded gray stucco color and reddish-orange colored roof will help cool your interior house. The house design seen above is suitable for homeowners who want to refine the exterior curb appeal of their house with a color range between light to medium neutral shades.

2. Modern House Design


You can also choose dark colors to highlight your house’s specific features, such as the neutral-colored wall stones and roof. Dusty gray stucco house color is best paired with charcoal garage door for a contemporary look. Use white trims on the other house features, such as the windows linings to add aesthetics.

3. Warm Earthy Tone


A sandstone stucco house color is a great option to create a warm minimalist house style. It combines brown with a grayish undertone to make your house look polished and timeless.

Adding an off-white trim color can double your house’s visual interest. This house design is ideal for homeowners who live in a changing environment. If you want to highlight a specific part of your home, such as your main door, feel free to use bold and vivid colors for that house feature.

4. Modern Minimalist Style 


This contemporary house design will make your home stands out in the neighborhood. The antique white stucco exterior wall color and charcoal garage doors refine the roof design and emphasize other house features, such as the stone walls, doors, and house plants.

Whether you live in a hot or cold place, these house color combinations can keep your interior comfortable and relaxing to live at.

5. Refined Classic House Design


What makes this design special is the light contrast between neutral shades and a bold color that perfectly balances each house feature to give a polished look. A warm earthy tone trim color is advisable for houses with little to no bold colors. This refined classic house style is also ideal for highlighting your landscaping.

6. Medetirinean House Design


For homeowners who want to visualize their heritage and culture in their house design, the yellowish-orange color of stucco will leave the best impression. This bright yet captivating house style is ideal for houses with various shades of exterior features, such as the door, gate, railings, and contours. Homeowners commonly use Medetirinean house design to make their open-spaced rooftop look appealing.

7. Classic Off-White Stucco


You’ve decided to stucco your home, but now you’re stuck on a decision—what color to choose? Well, there are a few things that are helpful to know before you decide.

First, when considering color choices, it is recommended that they be viewed in natural daylight. This technique can give a realistic version of the color. If you want to make your home look more prominent, light colors are the way to go.

For homeowners who want to make their house look bright and relaxing, a classic off-white stucco color mixed with a reddish-orange hue house paint will make other house features stand out.

The common problem with white houses is that the different window configurations might look awkward from the outside. You can use any warm earthy tone paint as a trim color to solve this issue. This design is the perfect option for properties with expansive outdoor spaces and extensive landscaping to look naturally good with the current house structural design.

8. Western-Inspired Conventional Design


This mid-century standard house design from western Europe can be easily achieved using desert brown colored stucco and a greenish-brown roof. This conventional style is recommended for houses with a large backyard, wide outdoor spaces, and oversized windows.

The color palette for the exterior house paint blends well with nature, so if you plan to upgrade your landscaping and live in an environmental place, this design will make your overall house design aesthetically pleasing without going overboard.

9. Simple Contemporary Style


Modern houses today have a lot of glass walls. A grayish-green stucco color will complement any modern one-story home with light-colored roofs. This house design is suggested if you want a mixture of natural vibe and fresh atmosphere in your property.

10. Stone Exterior Wall


When it comes to finding the perfect stucco house color for your exterior stone wall, the best way to make your house look delicate is by choosing gunmetal black as your dominant exterior wall color and using white trims for your doors, roofs, and other external house features. Not only does it makes the house appear more prominent, but it also balances the contrasting color perfectly well.

11. Black Dominant Exterior Wall Color


For houses located in the colder region and with extreme winter conditions. A dark-colored stucco house color can help you regulate your house’s interior temperature. Consider adding white accent colors and light-colored stone walls for a polished look. This house design is not too dark and loud and just perfect to balance the antique style with a contemporary house design.

12. Teal Blue For Small Houses


This three-color palette features a teal blue hue to give your roof a modern feel, white paint to contour the windows, and dark roof color.

Teal blue is the color of the moment—in everything from outdoor furniture to indoor accessories—and we think it’s perfect for revitalizing your stucco house’s exterior. Your home will no longer look like every other stucco house on the block; instead, you’ll have a unique living space that’s both modern and chic.

Use white paint to contour windows, doors, and other features, so they stand out against the teal blue backdrop. This will give your home an even more contemporary feel.

13. Stucco House Color for Black Roofs


Exterior house paint colors can make all the difference when it comes to your home’s overall curb appeal. It is important to have a color scheme that meshes well with the style of your home while also being visually appealing.

Choosing a black roof means that you can choose any color for your wall—literally any color. If you can imagine it, it will probably look good with that black roof. But for a more sophisticated look, Choose dark gray as the accent exterior wall color and a light-colored stone wall. This house design is advisable for houses with light-colored long driveways.

So there you have it. Hopefully, you can already visualize your home with any of these stucco house colors to try for your next project. If you’re looking for a different yet elegant-looking exterior paint scheme, stucco house colors can serve as an incredible other option by giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

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