Making Marianna, Florida Beautiful After Hurricane Michael

In 2018, Hurricane Michael devastated Northwest Florida. The Category 5 storm scoured beachside communities and left catastrophic damage still being repaired.

Marianna, my hometown, is located 60 miles north of Mexico Beach, where Michael came ashore. The hurricane ripped through the city and left it almost unrecognizable.

Today's Homeowner host Danny Lipford, taping a segment for The Weather Channel in Marianna, Florida.
Danny’s hometown, Marianna, Florida, was devastated by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Now, he’s doing something about it.

This community’s residents are resilient and looked after each other following the hurricane. But we wanted to create a community-focused park; something where people can gather and forget about Hurricane Michael’s destruction. Something for tourists to spot and take notice.

We have the perfect location for a pocket park that meets all those goals. A downtown building that was about 100 years old collapsed during the storm and its owners cleared the lot, leaving an eyesore.

There was one bright spot: a 1920s mural found during demolition, and it’s the perfect discovery to build around for a park that will

We’re putting a clear sealer on it to preserve it for many, many years.

beautiful entrance, large-scale wood planters, paver planters, a stage, picnic tables and benches. It will be a nice, cozy spot that should really bring in people.

As for that mural? We So the city can enjoy something new and exciting while holding onto its rich history.

Watch this video to learn more about the park.

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