Santa came early at my house this year! I decided that Steve, my fiancé, needed to have a little fishing buddy on those cold morning when I just couldn’t get out of bed to meet at the dock . . . brrrrr!

Steve had a Jack Russell terrier, named Orvis, years and years ago while he attended film school in San Diego. And even now he tells stories of his quail hunting days with Cokie, his Chesapeake retriever, by his side when he lived on a ranch in Rand, Colorado. I sensed that Steve longed for the companionship he found in those furry, four-legged friends, and thus began my search for the perfect dog.

After looking at every conceivable site online, I narrowed it down to an Irish Jack Russell. The original Orvis that Steve had was a standard one. Reading about the Irish Jacks, I discovered that they were a bit smaller in stature and had a more even temperament. Perfect.

Black Friday may be the biggest day for shopping, but for Steve and me, it was viewing day of all the litters of pups that would be available for Christmas. Finding a great breeder in South Carolina, we looked at scores and scores of puppies, each so precious we couldn’t decide on just one! They were just adorable. Then, Donna, the owner, asked if we’d like to see all the mom’s and dad’s of these babies . . . we stepped outside to see such beautiful dogs . . . all so happy and healthy!

Greeting everyone, we were introduced to Snowie, Trudy, Rocky, and Bosco. Now Bosco was an interesting one . . . he was from a litter almost a year ago, and they were going to keep him as a stud dog for the kennel. He was a very handsome puppy, but as he grew, he was still very timid and shy. So Donna had him neutered and said she was trying to place him in a good home filled with love and patience. Steve looked at me and I at him and we instantly knew this was our baby!

All the way home to Atlanta, we tossed the name Bosco around on our tongues. It just didn’t seem to fit his personality. He seemed cuter and brighter than that . . . so we decided that Orvis the Second would be his new name.

What a joy Orvis is to us! This weekend we introduced him to my Labs, Daisy and Reilly, and to my cats, Carter and Chloe. They all just melded like old buddies from days gone by, even the cats! Once we got to Steve’s house, Sharky, his cat, got introduced as well. It didn’t go as smoothly with him as the others, but he has been an only “child” now for four years . . . so it’s going to take some time.

Adopting Orvis was the best present I could give Steve. They are like two peas in a pod and virtually inseparable. Truly a dog is a man’s best friend.

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Danny Lipford

Danny Lipford


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