20 Questions with Danny Lipford — Part 4

“Today’s Homeowner” features co-hosts Chelsea Lipford Wolf and her father, Danny Lipford.

From ‘Remodeling Today’ to ‘Today’s Homeowner’

We have talked about “Better Living” and “Remodeling Today.” Please share how those experiences evolved into “Today’s Homeowner.”

One of the points of my partnership with the Times Mirror magazine group in New York was to change the name of my show from “Remodeling Today with Danny Lipford” to “Today’s Homeowner” with Danny Lipford, which was the name of one of their magazines.

I agreed to do that, so we would have the consistency between their website, their magazine and of course the television show. And that was done when we signed that agreement in March of 1998.

The show’s existing format had aligned extremely close to the format of the magazine.
We already had what we called “Home Hints” in the show; that was changed to “Simple Solutions.” We already had “Product Spotlight” in the show; that was changed to “Best New Products.” All of these were the [names of] sections that they had in the magazine.
I had planned all along to add a short gardening segment, which they wanted to do, and we called it “Around the Yard.”

When we launched the show in June of 1998, nationally, all of these names and changes were in place.

You’ve handled countless home improvement projects. Which one was the most memorable?

Definitely, without a doubt, it was The Kuppersmith Project, the extensive modernization and renovation [in 2011] of a 1926 English Tudor home; it was a 13-part series of episodes.

Everybody tends to gravitate toward, and love the styling, of an English Tudor home. This particular home sat somewhat neglected for a number of years and a large number of people romanticized the idea of buying it and making their own.

That generated a lot of interest in watching it, step by step, being extensively renovated and added onto.

The Kuppersmith Project also broke a lot of ground in new media. Twitter, Facebook – we started utilizing them aggressively and extensively with this project.

What are you especially proud of with the show, and what’s next for Today’s Homeowner?

One of the highlights along the way has been the introduction, evolution and prospering of my daughter, Chelsea’s, involvement with the brand.

Starting as a behind-the-scenes associate producer upon her graduation from St. John’s University to a full-fledged co-host of the national show and her own web series and website, is something she did without the need of a lot of help from me. She’s a remarkable girl.

I would like to continue building on the extensive framework that we have in place that all revolves around quality, practical, realistic home improvement information.

We are looking at increasing our abilities to broadcast live directly from our studios to networks throughout the country and remain the sought-after source for all things home improvement.

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