White colonial houses have a certain charm that is hard to resist. If you’re thinking of renovating or building a new home, why not consider a white colonial design? 

We’ll share 14 inspirational ideas for your next project in this blog post. Whether you’re looking for traditional or modern styling, we’ve covered you! So let’s get started.

1. White Colonial Revival House With Blue Trim

This stately two-story Colonial Revival house has blue shutters contrasting white siding. An inviting half-covered front porch with space for reading or chatting will greet you from the entrance. In the middle of the left side of the house is a side extension that can accommodate more guests. 

The side extension has large block windows with white casings extending to the ceiling for privacy while allowing natural light in from all sides – this would make an excellent spot sipping on some tea! 

source: unsplash.com

2. White Colonial Revival House With Black Trim

The colonial house of this type is as straightforward as a design. This colonial house design features white siding, symmetrical sash windows with black shutters, and a covered entrance  at the left side of the facade supported by two white columns. The open entry or open portico has a concrete staircase leading to the glass door at the entryway. 

The simple colonial design makes it convenient for a home improvements enthusiast homeowner to renovate for additional rooms and side extensions on one side of the house.

source: unsplash.com

3. Two-Story White French Colonial House

A two-step concrete staircase leads to a front porch of this white two-story French Colonial house. The house design features white exterior walls and symmetrical long French windows with white trim on the ground floor and secondary story.

The ornate white detailing on the wrought-iron columns and entrance door is sure to impress. The entrance glass door is perfect for letting in natural light and giving guests a grand entrance. 

source: unsplash.com

4. Neoclassical Ivory Colonial With White Trim

Above is a Neoclassical Colonial house, a small, two-story home with balanced proportions, steep roofing, and symmetrical features. The house’s exterior is concrete painted in ivory. The clean style of the house design makes it simple and functional. 

The facade features an enclosed portico and symmetrical sash windows to let natural light inside. Windows and eaves have white-trim accents for a classic look.

source: unsplash.com

5. Small White Colonial House With Grey Trim 

This charming small white Colonial house is the perfect starter home with its straightforward design and size. The symmetrical layout features of the french windows on the ground floor, roof windows, and a French door entrance speak of its colonial design characteristics. 

Grey trim highlights the exterior features, with the metal roofing painted bright red in contrast to the gleaming white siding.

source: unsplash.com

There is also an enclosed portico for added protection from the elements. A house with a colonial design of this type would be an excellent home for anyone looking for a stylish colonial starter home.

6. White Georgian Colonial With Black Trim

This white Georgian Colonial house design has black trim and a stately open portico supported by two columns. The two symmetrical chimneys are a nice touch. The white exterior walls will reflect the light and give the house a bright look, while the black roof and shutters add contrast. There are plenty of symmetrical windows to allow natural light to fill the indoor rooms. A Georgian colonial house design of this type would be a beautiful home for anyone looking for classic style and elegance.

source: unsplash.com

7. White French Colonial House With Black Trim

This white colonial house design is the perfect addition for any home inspired by French Colonial architecture. It features black trim on its windows and rafters and black railings on its wide porch, giving it an extra touch of elegance you won’t be able to resist!

source: unsplash.com

8. White Dutch Colonial House

This white Dutch Colonial house design features white concrete exterior walls, which gives the house a clean and polished look. The windows are framed with a wood casing, adding a touch of warmth to the home. The gambrel roof provides extra headroom in the upper level, perfect for families or anyone who wants more space. 

source: unsplash.com

9.  Modern White Colonial House

This modern white colonial house is the perfect blend of old and new. The traditional white exterior with black shutters is timeless, while the side slider tilt windows give it a modern feel. And what could be more charming than a brick chimney against a winter backdrop of snow? A house design of this type would be the perfect home for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.

source: unsplash.com

10. White Colonial House With Dark Green Trim

This design idea is for a two-story, symmetrical white colonial house. The windows have dark green shutters, and the entrance door stands out in red. Two round columns support an open portico that leads to the home’s front door. The ground floor has symmetrical bay windows, and the design uses sash windows with dark green shutters on the second level for natural indoor lighting. 

11. Extended Simple White Colonial House White Trim

This design is an extended simple white colonial house with white trim. The front of the house is flat with nine symmetrical double-hung drop sash windows, a center chimney, and a simple center door. It also has an extension, visible in the left third of the photo. 

12. White Deerfield Colonial White Trim​​

This white colonial house design idea is perfect for the family who appreciates simplicity. It features asymmetrical center chimneys in antique-style bricks that provide a feel of the old traditional design. The back of the home has a vertical expansion leading to a garage. The vertical house expansion at the back has the same white exterior as the front. 

13. Expanded White and Red Northfield Colonial House

This Northfield Colonial house is a simple, two-story white house with a red door and nine symmetrical double-hung windows on its facade. The structure in the middle features a farmer’s porch with red columns and white walls facing the front side of the house. The building expands horizontally to a garage with a red exterior. This middle extension joins the white house and the garage uniting the three divisions as one cohesive structure.

This design is perfect for anyone who wants a classic colonial look with some added functionality. 

14. White and Red American Colonial House

Above is a white house design featuring an American Colonial House. The main house has a white exterior, nine symmetrical double-hung sash windows, and a center chimney in antique bricks on its facade. The structure includes an open portico supported by two small columns, leading to a red entrance door. A vertical expansion adjoining the rear garage with a red exterior faces the front side of the house. 

White colonial houses have a certain allure that is hard to resist. If you are considering building or remodeling one, hopefully, these 14 white colonial house design ideas will give you some inspiration for your project. Do you have any favorite designs? Let us know in the comments below.

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