One of the main reasons Shabby Chic Interior Design is so popular is that it embraces a worn and “lived-in” aesthetic, making it look effortlessly, while still well-thought out.  This look is specifically achieved by using soft colors, vintage décor, feminine accents, and modest furnishings.  Having a Shabby Chic design can be the perfect way to create that cozy, comfortable, and stunning look for your home.  In order to bring your Shabby Chic interior to life you will need to find the right balance between looking effortlessly relaxed and collectively tight at the same time.

Finding that balance and establishing a room that feels purposeful without being defined by structure is a skill that will take some practice.  Here are some of our valuable tips to help you create the PERFECT Shabby Chic home for you!

Use a Neutral Color Palette

A great rule to help achieve the Shabby Chic aesthetic is to focus your color palette on neutral tones- a distressed white and weathered beiges.  At InHance Interiors, we like to stick to the rule, less is more when it comes to designing Shabby Chic. I know it can be tempting to pack the space chock full of fun accent pieces, but it is important to avoid a busy or over cluttered feel with bright and shiny objects. Instead, make the space feel relaxed and comfortable. 

For major accents, such as couches and tables, stick to off whites, beige or tan colors. For minor accents, you will have more room to add some color pops, but keep them in the soft pastel family like mints, light pink, barely yellow, almost blue, with touches of greenery, so that your overall vibe feels inviting, romantic, and although it may not be, vintage and lived in. 

Incorporate Vintage Decor

A great way to get the perfect worn and “lived-in” quality is to incorporate vintage décor! One of the ways to help transform your room from simple chic to shabby chic lies in the weathered, antique elements. Stick to antique items that are less used and simply appear to have wear and tear. Kinda like those ripped jeans that look low-key, no effort, but can cost a pretty penny. 

Distressed or exposed wood can be a great accent! To perfectly curate a shabby chic interior, combine those rustic elements with everyday items. Try looking for wooden detailing with a worn-out finish rather than something that is perfectly polished.

Integrate Natural Elements

As I said earlier, adding a pop of pastel color to minor accents or casegoods is a good way to achieve the shabby chic look. One of my favorite ways to do this is to integrate a colored vase, long stem branches, a throw pillow or maybe a side table. 

For a more edgy design, go with a vintage sofa and tone it down with off-white and ashy throw pillows or go with a colored yet rustic coffee table, but then again- tone it down by layering in distressed and weathered elements. 

Mixed Accessories 

The best part of designing a room is adding your personal flare to make it perfect for you!  Remember, it is important to stick with one or two accent colors to avoid polluting the space with busy colors and distracting pieces.  Some good accent elements include:

  • Throw Pillows
  • Wall art / Frames
  • Vases
  • Coffee Tables
  • Baskets
  • Blankets
  • Trays
  • Designed Doors/Archways
  • Rugs
  • Candles/Diffusers

Just remember when adding your personal flair to these types of elements that they should all have a distressed appearance as if they’re antique, and it will make that shabby chic design that we are looking for, come to life!

Cultivate Your Dream, Shabby Chic Home

Using a neutral color palette, incorporating vintage décor, integrating natural elements, and adding mixed yet distressed looking accessories to your liking are all great starting points for your shabby chic space! At the end of the day, shabby chic interior design is all about combining open layouts, neutral bases, and a comfortable and inviting overall atmosphere, with an appearance of a rustic yet romantic space. 

Between curating all the pieces needed to achieve this look, and staying within your interior design budget, getting that shabby chic aesthetic will bring so much joy to your space and life. Afterall, it’s our mission to help everyone love where they live! 

About Bre Hance

Bre Hance approaches her design projects with enthusiasm and intent. As the founder of InHance Interiors, a boutique firm located in Los Angeles, she services clients all over the world including athletes, celebrities, homeowners, luxury home builders, and investors. 

Bre believes that hard work, efficient planning, and excellent communication are fundamental to success. With her attention to detail and keen eye for transforming spaces, she has enjoyed the satisfaction of delivering beautifully designed homes that were merely yesterday’s dreams.

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