The new year is the perfect time to update your home’s interior. A fresh design provides an uplifting, inspiring start to a new season and allows you to test new trends in your space.

To give you a head start on tackling your home updates, we’ve compiled this list of upcoming interior design trends for 2023. We’ll cover everything from paint colors to furniture to sustainability to help you elevate your home’s style.

Upcoming interior styles are heading toward maximalism and glamour with touches of natural elements and sustainable design practices. In the following sections, we’ll explain more about these trends and how to incorporate them into your home.

Layered Textures and Patterns

Some homeowners are leaning toward maximalist design over the once-popular minimalist trends of years past. Maximalist interior design includes bold colors, layered textures, and multiple patterns.

Fortunately, for those hesitant to give their homes a full maximalist makeover, this design aesthetic comes down to personal preference. In most cases, you can execute this trend by adding a few bold pops of color or playful textures within a single room.

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Install ornate window treatments in your living room for added texture and color. Or, create an accent wall with patterned wallpaper in your home office. These decorative additions can effortlessly elevate a room’s style.

Another popular way to incorporate maximalist design in your home is to layer a statement rug over a larger jute rug. The statement rug adds a pop of pattern or color to the room, while the jute rug incorporates a subtle touch of texture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different elements when adding textures, patterns, and colors to your home. In many cases, you may love something you would’ve never tried before.

However, you can still add interesting elements to a minimalist home design if that’s your preferred style.

Elevating your home with layers and textures can be as simple as adding a chunky knit throw blanket to your leather sofa or installing a textured backsplash over your kitchen sink.

Image Source: Canva
Image Source: Canva

Glamorous Design Styles

Homeowners are also leaning into bold decor with more glamorous living spaces. Glam style took root in the late 1920s during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Luckily for silver screen enthusiasts, this iconic interior design trend is making a huge comeback in 2023.

Image Source: Canva
Image Source: Canva

Glam style can go in several different directions depending on your design goals. You can channel soft elegance with pure white colors, metal fixtures, and faux fur textiles. Or, try a bold glam design with jewel-toned walls, mixed metals, and statement furniture. The most reliable way to channel old Hollywood aesthetics is to decorate your space with lavish textiles, metals, and shimmering accents for an atmosphere of absolute luxury.

Hayneedle provides the following tips for implementing glam style in your home:

  • Utilize touchable textures like faux fur, satin, and velvet for upholstery.
  • Choose lustrous metallic fixtures and glossy marble tabletops for a touch of extravagance.
  • Incorporate bold lighting choices like statement lamps and chandeliers.
  • Decorate with mirrors, gold-framed artwork, and metallic wall decor.
  • Complement luxurious sofas with statement coffee tables and side tables with mirrored tops, gold hardware, and marble accents.
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  • Put a modern twist on glam style by mixing art deco accents with mid-century features like curved furniture, dark wood, and geometric patterns.

Bold Paint Colors

Eye-catching paint colors are another trend coming your way next year. While soft neutrals and white shades will always have their place in the home, brighter, richer colors are making their mark in interior design.

While researching trending paint colors, we found a significant focus on adding uplifting, optimistic colors to interior spaces. This color trend stems from the pandemic-driven uptick in time spent at home. People need their homes to be spaces they want to spend time in – not just where they lay their heads at night. Consider this factor when choosing paint colors for your home. Determine which shades will inspire an environment of comfort, positivity, and overall well-being in 2023 (and beyond).

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The perfect example of this is Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year, Raspberry Blush. It’s a deep pink shade perfect for elevating your interior with a bright pop of color. Other paint colors to look for are dramatic blues, soft pastels, and saturated terracotta tones. suggests painting smaller rooms in bold colors to break out of your comfort zone. Smaller spaces mean less commitment, so entryways, dining rooms, and reading nooks make the perfect testing grounds for dramatic paint colors. You can even add a pop of color to the ceiling to complement neutral walls and trim.

If you opt for dark saturated colors like midnight blue or moody turquoise, use a matte finish to soften the wall’s appearance. A matte finish can also provide some texture when dry, giving the room a deeper, more sophisticated look.

Image Source: Canva
Image Source: Canva

Explore more up-and-coming colors in our list of 2023’s interior paint color trends.

Natural Elements

Prepare to see lots of nature-inspired home decor in 2023. This upcoming trend will feature natural materials, earthy color palettes, and indoor plants.

Get a head start on your holistic home design by swapping synthetic materials for organic ones. Replace that nylon mat with a hemp, jute, or wool area rug. Use organic cotton window treatments to create an airy environment with lots of natural light.

You have countless options for incorporating natural elements into your furniture design. Woody, earthy materials like rattan and wicker are trending in woven chairs, credenzas, and coffee tables.

Image Source: Canva

Meanwhile, natural stone is making its way into bathroom and kitchen designs. Use stone in your home’s interior design by incorporating marble countertops, travertine backsplashes, and terracotta decor for added color, texture, and visual appeal.

Holistic home design doesn’t stop at rugs and furniture; you can further elevate your interior with paint colors and accents. We recommend using earth tones like off-whites, beiges, and browns for a warm, inviting space.

You can channel other natural elements like water and flora with blue and green-toned paints. These hues are ideal for creating a soothing environment and look lovely when paired with warm white trim and natural wood accents.

Image Source: Canva

Soft Modern Kitchen Design

Soft modern kitchens are a trend to look for in 2023. With more time than ever spent at home, people are moving away from the stark minimalism, clean lines, and geometric shapes of modern interior design. Instead, they’re seeking interiors that invite comfort and functionality without foregoing style.

Soft modern or soft contemporary design does this by incorporating subtle modern touches with a focus on comfort and warmth. Kitchens are the perfect place to implement soft modern style because they’re ideal for gathering, entertaining, and socializing.

Give your kitchen a soft modern makeover with clean patterns, natural textures, and intentional use of color.

Image Source: Canva

Complement the clean lines of countertops and appliances with rounded furniture pieces and softer decor elements like plants, window treatments, and artwork.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable interior design practices are on the rise. Besides considering how home decor looks, many buyers now ask where pieces came from and if they were ethically and sustainably sourced.

This hasn’t always been the case. Sustainability has long taken a back seat in the home furnishings industry because of the convenience and profit of fast furniture production. The manufacturing processes for such pieces are often unethical, and the furniture is poor quality, ending up in a landfill after a few years.

To adopt better buying practices and longer-lasting furniture, many homeowners now seek higher-quality pieces that will last longer and have fewer negative environmental impacts.

According to Wilson & Dorset, interior sustainability fulfills present design needs without compromising future generations’ abilities to meet those needs for themselves. The trend emphasizes using recycled, ethically sourced materials and repurposing old items.

Upcycling furniture is one way to implement eco-friendly design in your home. Purchase decor pieces made of repurposed materials or explore local antique shops for used furniture. Not only will you find some vintage treasures to add to your collection, but you’ll also give new life to a piece that might have landed in the dumpster.

Have you found a piece of old furniture that needs a facelift? This DIY tutorial from Salvaged by K. Scott explains how to refinish furniture at home:

If you’re buying new pieces, do your homework on sustainable interior design brands. Seek out companies that sell recycled furniture, textiles, and interior elements made with ethically sourced materials. Remember – the more transparent a company is about its products, the more likely it is to be an eco-friendly, trustworthy choice.

Creating a Space You Love

We hope this list of upcoming trends helps you dress your home for style and comfort in the coming year. With an eye for the latest trends, a focus on your design goals, and a few stylish touches, you’ll undoubtedly create a space you love.

Looking for more ways to elevate your home design in 2023? Check out our winter home decor ideas to spruce up your space.

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