Adding paint to your house’s exterior can do more than just add color – it can triple your house’s value. The dark blue exterior paint color is fashionable, modernist, and a smart choice to highlight the home’s features, such as floor-to-ceiling windows and a beautiful garden.

Painting your home’s exterior is one of the easiest ways to change its appearance dramatically. To learn more about creating an impressive house exterior, here are the top 11 dark blue house exterior ideas for you to try.

1. Vibrant Persian Blue

Vibrant Persian Blue house

Captivating Vivid Blue

Laid-back blue exterior wall paint color with white trims will make your place look more relaxing. The house design is for homeowners with limited lot area but wants to have a design that will make the terrace look more spacious. This western-inspired bright color scheme is primarily used in tropical regions. Having any small plants can add to the house’s relaxing vibe.

2. Dark Royal Blue

dark blue house
source: canva

Complementary Colors

White and dark blue house colors are an excellent combination for house exteriors, especially for bungalow-type or one-story houses. The vibrant color of the home matches the white trims and borders that make the house look wider. Choose complementary colors such as any dark blue shade for any dark-colored roofs to make it more appealing.

3. Deep Aqua Blue

teal prominent exterior house

Highlight an Architectural Design

Consider highlighting one prominent exterior wall design with a shade of blue that can provide a majestic look to the house. This dramatic exterior paint color makes the design elements and the wall texture stand out.

You might also consider a part of the house with a fixed color, perhaps the dark red roof on the picture above, and find a shade analogous to it, such as deep aqua blue.

4. Deep Sapphire

deep sapphire walls

Tricolor Scheme

If you live in an area with abundant trees, use an earthy palette of green, vivid blues, and pink shades to blend in with the scenery. Vibrant teal-ish blue such as deep sapphire walls, can make the streamlined pattern of the exterior walls look polished.

You should pick complementary colors for any bright secondary color fences and add white trims to boost your home’s curb appeal. This playful look is recommended for residential homes and cottage-type houses.

5. Light Navy Blue

three house exterior colors

Blend in With the Neighborhood

The first step to choosing a house color scheme is deciding whether to match your house design to your neighborhood or stand out from it. Once you’ve decided between the two options, the next step is to pick the color scheme depending on your previous decision.

The exterior of your house can have three main parts:

  • Dominant color. This base color will cover most areas of your exterior.
  • Accent color. This should be a lighter color than the prevailing paint of the exterior to boost the visual detail.
  • Contrasting trim color. The doors, windows, and shutters are usually in the same shade.

In the image above, all three house exterior colors complement each other. Notice the twilight blue-colored roof. Even though we use a darker shade for the exterior wall, you can still use any shades, tones, and blueish tints to blend in.

6. Midnight Blue

source: canva

Hometown Feels

This exterior house design is all about practicality yet aesthetically pleasing. It’s practical in that it highlights the door and windows, which visitors can see easily.

The exterior wall color is neutral with a pale gray hue that amazingly refines the dominant midnight blue color of the roof, door, and trims. The contrasting colors make the house look wider. This blue house exterior design is recommended for portable cabins, storage sheds, and trailer houses.

7. Metallic Blue

metallic blue house
source: canva

Semi-Urban House Design

Choose house paint colors that blend well with the colors already present on your houses, such as the color of the roof and landscaping. Having metallic blue as the dominant exterior wall color of the house can highlight the texture of your vinyl siding and makes the surrounding trees stand out. Choose red as the trim color to give extra character to your exterior. 

8. Steel Blue

Steel Blue house
source: canva

Classic Home Style for Families

Mix creamy blue house exterior color with any light color with an cream hue. This will make your house gives off a hometown vibe while making your lot area appears larger. Put white contours on your house to make the other details on your house pop out. This classic home design is recommended for families with three or more kids and extended households.

9. Teal Blue

teal house
source: canva

Simple Contemporary Style

A three-color palette appears to be very refined. Try painting the external wall teal blue to give your roof a more contemporary feel. To keep the sharp look and elegance of your home, use white paint to contour the windows and other outside features.

This simple modern design is recommended for houses less than 200 square meters, cottage-style homes, and houses with numerous windows.

10. Faded Blue

calm ocean beach house

Fresh Villa-Style

This relaxing house design is your best pick if you want to achieve a calm ocean beach vibe. For houses with wide outdoor space and many wooden furniture, a fresh villa-style will lighten up your everyday mood.

A faded blue color for the passageways, off-white for the exterior wall color, and a brownish roof will make your house more appealing. This eastern-inspired house design can be mixed with the custom designs of your heritage.

11. Denim Blue

source: canva

Modern Sophisticated Look

A single dominant color is enough to transform the home into a classic yet captivating residential space if you have a multi-story house. This house design is ideal for multiple families living on a single roof.

Choose white as the trim color to make your windows and other unique feature of your home stand out. This color scheme has the right blend for homeowners who plan to put several outdoor pieces of furniture on the terrace.

And that’s it! We hope you already have your eyes set on any of these designs for your house transformation. And if you’re still not sure, you can never go wrong with dark blue. All you have to do is choose one or two other complementary colors that blend well with it.

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