13 Black Board and Batten Exterior Home Ideas

Black-colored homes may seem like an unconventional approach to designing your home. Making it pretty difficult to pull off. Typically, from a design standpoint, playing with textures would do the trick. Thanks to LP SmartSide’s vast array of products, you can make this happen.

1. Matte Black Facade Board and Batten

Source: fp-supply.com 

A matte black facade can easily be achieved with LP Smart Siding Board and Batten. In this example, a combination of vertical and horizontal boards wrap the facade of this modern two-storey farmhouse.

2. Black Board and Batten Siding with Natural Stones

Source: ecoproducts.com 

Black siding panels apparently work great with natural stone. For best results, use LP SmartSide Expert Finish Trim and Siding in Abyss Black. 

3. Black Trimming with Pine Wood Black Board and Batten

Source: homebunch.com

LP SmartSide Expert Finish Trim and Sidings also work great as a backdrop for natural pine wood! The black canvas help accentuate the grain and detail of this home’s prominent porch. 

4. Cavern Steel Black with Accetuaded Grain

Source: alturashomes.com 

Abyss Black is not the only dark color available in LP SmartSide Expert Finish line. To achieve this look, you may opt to use LP SmartSide Expert Finish Trim and Siding in Cavern Steel, and then accentuate the grain with a polyurethane based stain. 

5. Monochromatic Facade

Source: alturashomes.com

In any monochromatic facade, it’s essential to play with texture. To achieve a dynamic look, you need to experiment on its details. Investigate how the sun would create tiny shadows from the thin battens on top of your siding to help it.

6.  Black Shake Siding

Source: laurennelsondesign.com

The idea of creating a solid and monochromatic black facade can be celebrated through the combining various materials. In this case, LP SmartSide’s shake siding creates an effective accent when paired with LP SmartSide Panels and Trim.

7. Play with Battens and Trims

Source: jameshardie.com

Playing with battens and trim in designing your siding is an effective way to make your home stand out, especially when working with any dark colored siding. Vertical battens provide an illusion of higher ceilings.

8. Place Battens Closer Together

Source: cabindiy.com

When working with vertical board and battens, you may also opt to position the battens closer together. It creates a ridge-like illusion from afar, which helps add texture onto your facade.

9. Cavern Steel Black

Source: cabindiy.com

Another option available apart from Abyss Black is Cavern Steel. It’s generally lighter in terms of shade and won’t overwhelm your project. 

10.  Midcentury Modern Style

Source: hous.com

Vertical battens make an interesting and striking design from any point of view. We personally love the look on dark colored siding on this midcentury modern inspired home.

11. Match White and Black

Source: homebunch.com

While most people would love to go bold and all-out monochromatic when using black panels, it’s also a great idea to mix and match black with other colors similar to this example. By matching black with white, it creates.

12. Give it a Seamless and Flush Look

Source: klh-homes.com

For a seamless and flush look, you may opt to downplay your facade through the use of LP SmartSide panels, and then focus on the massing of your entire structure. In this case, the entire design emphasizes addition of volumes as a central concept.

13. Think About Light and Shadows

Source: klh-homes.com

What most people don’t realize is that using a black colored facade for your home will not necessarily make it look dark and dull. Instead, it creates an interesting shade of gray once hit by the sun’s rays.