Grass parking lots aren’t all that common, but if structured properly, they can serve you just as well as other types of parking lots like asphalt and concrete. In fact, there are thousands of smaller buildings and commercial properties that would benefit greatly from the implementation of parking on grass..

Of course, grass without any support structure won’t last long if used for parking, but with the right paver system, grass can be allowed to thrive and flourish just beneath your parking space, affording you a variety of benefits that asphalt and concrete parking lot owners don’t experience.

In case you are looking for car parking on grass solutions and you want to be fully informed on how it can make your life easier, let’s go over the benefits of some parking on grass solutions right now.

Grass is Cheaper

One of the most obvious benefits of using a grass parking lot is the cost-effectiveness of parking on grass. Instead of tearing up land and paving it over with solid, impervious material like the asphalt and concrete so commonly used in many of today’s parking lots, why not work with the land and allow it to flourish while simultaneously providing parking on grass solutions for yourself and others?

The time and expense to lay an asphalt or concrete parking lot is far greater than that of grass parking, as well as the upkeep. Asphalt and concrete don’t allow stormwater to pass through them, which means you have to spend money on a drainage system for your parking lot and the maintenance that comes along with it as well.

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As we see in car parking on grass solutions like TRUEGRID’s permeable pavers, the drainage system is naturally built into the pavers and allows stormwater to pass right through into the ground. This eliminates the need for costly drainage, and one of the only real maintenance costs you’ll have is whatever you spend on the grass to keep it healthy and fresh. The pavers will not interfere with fertilization or watering efforts.

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Grass Pavers Give You More Options

Another great benefit of using a grass parking area is that you can use it in a variety of ways, unlike asphalt or concrete. A nice grass firelane next to your office instead of a concrete strip is so much more appealing. You could create a driveway in your yard that’s completely hidden in your lawn. Have an RV or boat and need to park it? A newly minted teenager who has his own ride? You could also use TRUEGRID grass pavers to build some extra parking spots in your yard, a second driveway that leads to a different building on your property like a garage or shed, roadways for off-road vehicles, fire lanes, and more.

You also have the option of choosing between natural grass, sod rolls, or artificial turf to use with your grass pavers. For teh least expensive method, flip the TRUEGRID PRO LITE over and press into the existing grass. The grass will qucikly gorw through and you now have stabilized grass parking. To make the grid completely invisible, use the PRO LITE or PRO PLUS with teh cells up, fill the cells with soil and seed , or for a faster process cover with sod. Or even and artificial turf if you you don’t want to mow.You now have a stabilized grass parking surface that can handle cars, RV’s or trucks without rutting or mud.

Obstacles, curves, and other obstructions can be easily avoided and planned around by trimming the grass pavers to fit where you need them. This allows you complete versatility to create a parking area of any shape or size you want without breaking the illusion of a natural grass landscape.

Grass Parking Can Hold Its Own

When built with high-quality grass pavers like those from TRUEGRID, grass parking lots prove to be just as, if not more, durable than asphalt or concrete lots. In rural and suburban areas, this can make for equally effective yet much more attractive parking on grass solutions.

However, though they may be effective long-term car parking on grass solutions, grass pavers from TRUEGRID are made with maximum sustainability in mind. From source to installation, and every step along the way, TRUEGRID has taken steps to ensure that maximum sustainability is being achieved.

TRUEGRID paver products use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic in the grids themselves. None of the other parking on grass solutions are nearly as environmentally-friendly as TRUEGRID pavers.

Grass Parking is Unique and Attractive

In a world where just about every building you see is accompanied by an asphalt or concrete parking lot, implementing a parking on grass solution like TRUEGRID grass pavers is the best way to achieve a high-quality, functional parking lot while standing out from the crowd as well.

With grass pavers from TRUEGRID, you’ll have one of the cheapest, most environmentally-friendly, and most durable grass parking lots around. This is not only better for the aesthetic beauty of whatever place you install them, it’s better for the health of the local environment as well.

Don’t follow the crowd and install another drab, impervious concrete or asphalt parking lot when you could have one that’s colorful, vibrant, functional, and long-lasting. Side by side, it’s easy to see why many business owners are making the switch to grass pavers from TRUEGRID.

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