Whether you are exploring your alternative housing options or just really dig the barnhouse look, a barndominium could be a great choice for you. It’s an affordable option that allows you to live and work in the same space!

What is a Barndo?

A barndominium is a housing option that is steadily gaining popularity. Barndos (as they are affectionately called) are metal housing structures that are pre fabricated and erected on a site of your choosing.

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The barnhouse shape is scalable, inexpensive, and allows for a wide array of floorplan customization. It can be created to accommodate both living and working space, and manufacturers often offer a wide array of options in their floor plans.

Many floor plans incorporate the usual gambrel roof, but you can also have your barndo fitted with a different style if you prefer. In fact, the exterior is as customizable as the interior, with porches, siding, and other details left up to the homeowner’s discretion.

Floor Plans for Barndominiums with Garages

One feature that many people want in their barndo floor plan is a garage. Luckily, garages are a standard option, and you can find floor plans of varying sizes that include one. 

5-Bedroom with Garage

Even a large family can find privacy in the wide-open spaces of the 5-bedroom floor plan. On the first floor, you’ll find the coveted garage, which also includes shop space. The interior space consists of an open concept living and kitchen area, half bath, and a laundry room.

The way the plan is arranged upstairs maximizes your window space allowing plenty of natural light in each of the rooms. Plus, if your family isn’t quite big enough to need all five bedrooms, you could easily convert one or more into an office, den, or game room. 

40 x 30 Barndominium with Garage

The 40′ x 30′ floor plan offers flexible garage space that clocks in at 9′ x 30′ with four sets of doors. The standard plan does not include interior access from the garage, making it an excellent option for those that want to run a business out of the garage. However, an access door can be added if desired. 

The interior of the 40′ x 30′ features two cozy bedrooms and two full baths as well as an additional half bath. The main living portion of the barndo is open concept, and the kitchen features a large bar.

60 x 60 Barndo with Garage

Need a ton of living space but also want plenty of working space? The 60′ x 60′ barndo plan is your best option. You’ll get a two-bay garage and a 24′ x 17′ shop that are separated by a nicely sized covered porch.

The double doors open into a large living room, kitchen, and dining area. The front of the home is rounded out with a multi-purpose room and laundry area. The four bedrooms each have their own bathroom attached, and there is a half-bath for guest use. 

These are just a few of the many barndominium floor plan options that are out there! 

The Practicals: Building a Barndo With Garage

Now that you’ve seen the floorplans, you may be ready to start building your own barndo. Getting started is easier than you think.

Find Your Land

You can’t start building your barndo until you have a place to put it. When looking for land, you want to make sure the property is big enough to accommodate the floor plan you are choosing and that there is also space for your driveway and any other outdoor features you may desire.

Get Your Kit

Your barndo kit includes the floor plan, the shell of your new home, and the roof. It isn’t a complete home, more of a starting point. It is possible to build a barndominium from scratch and skip the kit, but many find a kit to save time and make things more straightforward in the long run. 

Play Your Layout

Since a barndo is so customizable, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to the interior’s layout. You can make your space suit your current work/life situation or plan ahead for your family’s future needs. 

Complete Your Interior

After the shell of your barndominium is erected, you can start tricking out the interior. This step is where your barndo really becomes your home. Trim, fixtures, cabinets, paint colors, and flooring options will be up to your discretion. 

Cost of a Barndo With Garage

In general, building a new home will cost somewhere between $150 and $250 a square foot. Barndos cut that cost nearly in half with an average price per square foot landing between $70 and $90. 

Because the structures are so easy to put up, barndominiums save you on labor costs, and the building materials are usually on the less expensive side as well. 

The majority of your costs are going to come from your interior designs and your trim packages. Adding things like stone countertops, cedar siding, and hardwood floors will elevate the overall cost of your home. Of course, the affordability of the structure can also open up your budget for higher-end trimmings!

Pros and Cons of Building a Barndo

Choosing a barndo comes with plenty of advantages, but — like with anything — there are some things that people may consider disadvantages as well. 

The advantages of choosing a barndo include:

  • Flexibility: Barndos can be customized to fit your needs and wants.
  • Low-Maintenance: Metal exteriors mean a longer lifespan and fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Durability: The materials used to construct barndos are resistant to mold, rot and withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Affordable: Barndo kits make building your home a budget-friendly experience.
  • Safety: The barndo shell is fire resistant and can withstand strong winds.
  • Speed: Barndominiums are built quickly, meaning you get into your new home much faster.

Some of the disadvantages to living in a barndo include:

  • Financing: Some lenders are wary of offering to finance a non-traditional home style.
  • Regulations: Local regulations may not allow for living in a non-traditional home style.
  • Utilities: Purchasing land in rural areas to accommodate the size of the barndo may make hooking up utilities more challenging

Making the Most of Your Barndominium Garage

Protecting your vehicles from the elements, storing your stuff, or acting as a workshop, there are plenty of uses for your barndo garage. The vast majority of homeowners prefer to purchase or build homes that include garage space — barndo owners are the same! 

Before you settle on your barndo plans, you should spend some time considering your garage options.

Choose the Right Size

Consider the main function of your garage so that you can make sure you choose plans with the right amount of space. Will you be storing your vehicles in the garage? How many do you have? Are any of the vehicles large recreational vehicles? Do you need a certain amount of clearance to accommodate them?

Figuring out what you plan to do with the space beforehand can help you choose plans that are sure to suit your lifestyle. 

Consider the Doors

Since barndo plans are so easily customizable, you can have a lot of freedom regarding your garage doors. Depending on the size of the garage, you should be able to add as many bays as you need. Plus, you can choose whether or not you want a door leading to the interior of your home. 

Shop Space

One of the reasons many people choose to build a barndo instead of a traditional home is the flexibility to combine living space with a business or shop. If you plan to use part of your barndominium this way, you can choose whether you want your shop space to be connected to your garage or if it would be better to have it entirely separated. You can also customize whether the shop has an entrance into the interior living space as well. 

Barndo Living

Opting for a barndominium with a garage means you can create the home that suits your needs for an affordable price. While there may be a few challenges, the rewards far outweigh them. 

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