Why settle for an ordinary table or bar top, when you could have a unique, decorative, and beautiful table or bar made from reclaimed wood? Check out these 6 table tops to get inspiration for your project.

6 Modern Tabletop Design Ideas

1. Conference Tablet

tabletop design ideas

Conference tables need to be able to accommodate your employees and clients, but also impress everyone who walks through the door. Reclaimed wood conference tables are able to do just that, giving you the size, shape, and style you need to match your office’s aesthetic. The grain and striking personality of this reclaimed wood  table contrasts with the concrete floors, adding a lot of interest to this room. 

2. Multi-Tonal Table

tabletop design ideas

One of the benefits of having a custom table made from reclaimed wood is the ability to create so many different looks and styles. This table uses a mixture of different wood types, which creates a lot of depth and interest for the room. Not only are the colors of the table different, but you can also see pieces of wood that have nail holes, saw marks, and other unique characteristics that can help make a bold statement. 

3. Tall Tables

tabletop design ideas

Reclaimed wood is just as versatile and attractive as new cut wood. It’s possible to create very contemporary looking tables with unique reclaimed wood. These table and chair sets perfectly match the wood wall paneling on the far end of the room, adding some warmth and interest to the room that is otherwise industrial in style. 

4. Rustic Island Top

tabletop design ideas

If you have a kitchen island, you know that this automatically becomes the center of the room and the room’s focus. It’s common to use a different color and material on the island as on the perimeter countertops, and in this case, the rustic wood of the countertop makes a perfect match to the ceiling beams and columns, giving the entire kitchen a more antique look and feel.

5. Modern Dining Table

Whether your dining table is just big enough for your family or big enough to hold a dinner for all of your friends, you want it to be the center and focus of your dining room. This smooth and modern tabletop is the perfect addition to a room that already has a lot of warmth and charm. It matches perfectly with the wood wall panels, while contrasting the brick and glass nearby. Paired with upholstered chairs, it makes a beautiful addition to the room. 

6. Contemporary Bar Top

Contemporary doesn’t need to mean everything has to be made of concrete or metal. This contemporary bar top is made of reclaimed wood. It has a smooth, even finish and a sharp, clean edge that pairs perfectly with the rest of the decor in the room. At the same time, it’s warm and inviting enough to go well with the multi-colored chairs and to help make the room a little more relaxing. 

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