David and Tiffany England have done a lot of work on their home, but the bathroom still needed some work, so we gave it an inexpensive makeover to improve the look and make it more functional.

Remove Textured Ceiling

Removing a textured popcorn ceiling is a messy job, but it isn’t that difficult if the ceiling hasn’t been painted. If the texture was applied before 1980, have it tested for asbestos first.

Allen Lyle scraping popcorn ceiling.
Allen Lyle scraping popcorn ceiling.

Start by mixing ¼ cup fabric softener with two gallons of hot water in a pump up sprayer. Cover the floor and walls with plastic before spraying the ceiling with the mixture.

Once the ceiling is thoroughly saturated, use a drywall knife or Homax Popcorn Ceiling Scraper (available at The Home Depot) to scrape off the texture.

After all the texture has been removed, patch any dings or dents with drywall joint compound, and sand the ceiling smooth before painting.

Watch DIY Textured Popcorn Ceiling Removal and read How to Remove Textured Popcorn Ceilings to find out more.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

If the ceiling has been painted, wetting it won’t work, and it will need to either be dry scraped or sanded smooth before repainting.

Always wear an approved dust mask or respirator and eye protection when scraping or sanding dry ceiling texture or drywall. Read Choosing a Respirator or Dust Mask to find out more.

Install Bath Vent Fan

To prevent mold and mildew in the bathroom, we installed a Broan Motion Sensing vent fan with light (model ZB80ML).

The fan runs continuously at low speed and increases to maximum speed when motion is detected. The fan is also extremely quiet, with the lowest sound rating attainable (0.3 Sones).

To help keep mold and mildew out of a bathroom, spray the shower walls weekly with Wet & Forget Shower Spray.

Install Crown Molding

We also dressed up the bathroom by installing crown molding around the ceiling.

To cut crown molding, position the molding upside down and at an angle on the miter saw and set the miter saw to a 45° angle. Cope one end of inside corners to produce a reverse profile of the molding.

Cutting crown molding upside down on miter saw.

Watch our video on How to Cut and Install Crown Molding to find out more.

Hardwood Closet Flooring

To improve the closet, we removed the carpet and installed prefinished ¾” thick hardwood flooring on the plywood subfloor using a pneumatic floor nailer.

Install Accent Tile on Tub Surround

Dark accent tiles were installed to replace the damaged tile left when we removed the sliding glass doors on the tub. After using a carbide-tipped grout saw to remove the grout around the tiles, a cold chisel was used to break the tile and remove them.

Watch How to Remove and Replace Tub Surround Tile to find out more.

To refinish a worn tub or change the color, you can use a spray-on epoxy coating kit such as Homax Tough as Tile Tub & Sink Refinishing Kit.

Install Bathroom Accessories

Tub surround with accent tile and Moen Magnetix showerhead.

To finish off the bathroom makeover, we replaced the trim on the tub faucet and installed a brushed nickel Moen Magnetix Showerhead. Watch How to Install a Showerhead to find out more.

We also replaced the towel rods and installed a Moen Grab Bar with shelf in the tub. Watch How Install a Grab Bar to find out more.

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