April Home Maintenance To-Do List

Garage after cleaning and organizing.

To-Do #6: Clean Out and Organize Garage

Now that the weather’s finally warm enough to open your doors, give your garage a good spring cleaning and organization makeover!

Garage Cleaning and Organizing Tips:

  1. Clean Out: Start by thoroughly cleaning the garage. Get control of the clutter by sorting everything into: things to keep, things to give away or sell, and things to recycle or throw away. Large plastic bins are helpful for sorting the keepers into categories such as hand tools, power tools, painting supplies, sports equipment, etc.
  2. Spruce Up: While the garage is empty it’s a good time to clean or pressure wash the floor. Improve the look of your garage by painting the walls, then seal or paint the floor to repel stains.
  3. Add Storage: A little storage space goes a long way in keeping a garage neat. Bike hooks are great for keeping bikes out of the way. You can also stow bikes overhead using ropes and pulleys. Hanging racks help organize rakes and other garden tools, and building storage shelves can be used to square away tools, boxes, and storage containers.
  4. Keep It Clean: Remember that the garage is an entry to your home – sometimes the most often used one – so it should be kept tidy and welcoming. Keep a door mat by the door into the house, along with a place to leave muddy boots. A shelf or bench near the door is great for putting grocery sacks or packages while you find your keys. Make sure there’s adequate lighting in the garage and that entry steps are in good condition.

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  1. I just want to say thanks for all the tips you people provide to us not so handy people I’m 73 and retired it’s hard sometimes but with your help I can usually get it done not as quick as all of you but sooner or later thanks people Frank Black Berryton KANSAS

  2. Thanks Danny for the reminder lists each month Of what needs done in and around my home. I am divorced after 18 yrs of marriage & now the sole caretaker so I forget sometimes. I love your show & website AND this newsletter.

  3. would like to paint my steel front door black. But saw somewhere NOT to do that. They get too hot and actually warp. Thoughts?

  4. Good tangible info. Thanks.
    And not too many emails flooding us … just enough for staying on top/checklisting our Projects.


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