How to Build Shelves for Storage in a Garage

Adding shelves to the garage is a great way to provide additional storage space. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Start by measuring the items you plan to store on the shelves to determine the proper height and width of the shelves.
  2. Measure the height you want the top shelf to be from the ceiling at each end of the shelf.
  3. Pop a chalk line between the points to mark the shelf height.
  4. Locate and mark the studs along the length of the shelf.
  5. Attach 1×2 wood cleats to the wall studs with screws to support the back of the shelves. Drill pilot holes in the cleats to prevent splitting.
  6. Attach 15” cleats on the end walls to support the shelves at each end.
  7. 1x4s vertical cleats are attached to the wall studs every 32” to support the 11”x 15” metal shelf brackets.
  8. Hold a scrap of wood against the horizontal cleat to align the metal brackets flush with the cleat, then screw the brackets through the cleats and into the studs, drilling pilot holes in the wood first.
  9. Rip 3/4″ particle board or plywood shelving to 16” widths.
  10. Cut the shelving to length, beveling the ends where two pieces meet at a 45° angle.
  11. Install the shelves on the brackets, and screw the brackets to the shelf from underneath.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. Hi Danny,
    We just removed bushes in the front yard. Can you give us some ideas as what to do with the space to improve curb appeal?

  2. I can not find 11”x 15” metal shelf brackets. I checked all hardware store in town. Can you let me know where you got.

  3. I tried this out, I used 11×14 shelf brackets with 16 in ready shelves. A little time consuming for 1 person to do alone, but man oh man does it look great and it’s solid as heck! Thanks for the instruction


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