April Home Maintenance To-Do List

Danny Lipford changing air filter.

To-Do #1: Replace Air Conditioner Filter

It’s important to replace the return air filter on your central heating and cooling system every 1-3 months so the unit will work at maximum efficiency. A quality air filter that’s rated to remove microscopic particles, including mold and pollen, will reduce dust and improve the air quality in your home.

The air filter is usually located behind the air return grate on your heating/cooling system. In some HVAC systems, the filter may be found in the return duct near the air handler unit.

To replace the air filter on a central system:

  1. Turn the unit off, and wait until it stops running.
  2. Remove the grate or louvered cover on the air return.
  3. Take out the dirty air filter.
  4. Write the current date on the new air filter.
  5. Position the new air filter in the opening so the arrow on the edge of the filter is pointing in the direction of air flow. For wall and floor mounted returns, the arrow should point toward the return duct. For filters in the ductwork near the air handler, the arrow should point toward the air conditioner unit.
  6. Close the cover on the air return.
  7. Turn the air conditioner back on.

Check out our video on Changing Air Filters to find out more.


  1. I just want to say thanks for all the tips you people provide to us not so handy people I’m 73 and retired it’s hard sometimes but with your help I can usually get it done not as quick as all of you but sooner or later thanks people Frank Black Berryton KANSAS

  2. Thanks Danny for the reminder lists each month Of what needs done in and around my home. I am divorced after 18 yrs of marriage & now the sole caretaker so I forget sometimes. I love your show & website AND this newsletter.

  3. would like to paint my steel front door black. But saw somewhere NOT to do that. They get too hot and actually warp. Thoughts?

  4. Good tangible info. Thanks.
    And not too many emails flooding us … just enough for staying on top/checklisting our Projects.


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