How to Use Wooden Blocks to Create Perfect Square Edges

If you’re building a plywood box, whether it’s a cabinet or a drawer, it’s important that the two pieces meet at 90 degrees to make them perfectly square. One way to do that is by using some wooden blocks.

First, take two pieces of 3/4-inch plywood, and cut them at a 90-degree angle with the factory edges.

Next, drill in two holes, making them 1 and 1/4 inches in diameter. Nip off the corners, so the two pieces of wood can come together without any interference.

When you’re ready to put the two pieces of wood together, place one of the wooden blocks near the corner, and hold it in place with a clamp.

Slide it back and forth until the rear of it is perfectly flush. Then, put on another clamp, and you will have two of the wooden blocks holding it perfectly square.

Because of the factory edges, it will fit nice and tightly. Now, with the pieces held at exactly 90 degrees, you’re ready to drive in your screws!

Watch the video, and check out more Simple Solutions.

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