Energy Efficient Häfele LED Lighting from Woodcraft

Häfele LED Flexible Strip Lighting
Häfele’s Loox 12V LED Flexible Strip Lighting works well for background lighting for furniture or furnishings, small or unusual size spaces, and retrofitting existing furniture.

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Häfele’s easy-to-install modern LED lighting systems from Woodcraft will put you in control of illuminating your home so you can tailor your lighting for both functional and decorative purposes while using less energy.

“Customers will welcome the easy plug and play setup in Häfele’s Loox line of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes),” George Snyder, Woodcraft product development manager, said. “Just run the cable from the lights to the driver and plug in. Other popular features are longer life—up to 25 years or more than 40,000 to 50,000 hours—and 90% less energy used than conventional bulbs, which greatly reduces heat generation.”

Häfele LED Puck Lights
Häfele’s Loox 12V LED Puck Lights are perfect for lighting shelving and cabinets, especially display cabinets.

Woodcraft stocks both the Loox 12V Puck Down Light and the Loox 12V Flexible Strip Light in kits that include all that is needed for installation. Both lights emit a warm white light.

The Puck Down Light, 58mm in diameter and 6mm in height, features an extremely flat shape that makes it a good choice for decorative lighting in shelving and display cabinets. Puck Lights have 19 LEDs and are 1.5 watts.

Available in one-foot strips that are 2.5mm high and 8mm wide, the Flexible Strip Light features an adhesive backing, can fit into and light even the smallest spaces, and can be shortened every third light.

This flexibility enhances design possibilities, making the Strip Light perfect for a range of uses, including small or unusual sized spaces, background lighting for furniture and furnishings and retrofitting existing furniture. Strip Lights have 12 LEDs and are 0.8 watt.

To learn more about the Häfele Loox LED kits, please contact the store nearest you, visit or call (800) 535-4482.

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