Fibonacci, LLC —also known as HempWood®— was founded on π Day 2018 with the idea of making the world a little better place. Its core focus is to transform fast-growing plant fibers into replacements for old-growth forest. Fibonacci is the only manufacturer of HempWood® in the world and only hemp building materials manufacturer in the USA as of January 2021. 

    HempWood’s Mission

    The quest started two decades ago in the bamboo industry and continues today. In cooperation with the Center for Agricultural Hemp at Murray State University, we have been able to take scientific lab research and engineer it into real products in the market. We currently employ 20 people and source all of our raw materials domestically (Hemp < 100 miles and Soy < 300 miles). HempWood® is used for interior face-grade lumber, flooring, accent walls, furniture, cabinets, and home goods. 

    Being Mindful of the Future

    Since 1990, there has been an estimated 420 million hectares of deforestation. As a society, we have lived, learned, and improved. We have also grown more aware about the importance of tomorrow as opposed to today. Soil conservation, recycling, and limiting water usage are just a few examples of improving our environment for tomorrow. At HempWood®, we aspire to provide quality products while looking forward. HempWood offers many benefits for substituting traditional lumbers.  


    Sustainability is one of the many benefits of HempWood® products. Within 120 days, fiber hemp can be harvested. After harvest, the hemp can be baled for storage and used later. As opposed to traditional woods, HempWood® is replenishable in a timely manner. Traditional white oak takes approximately 60-80 years to fully mature; HempWood® takes only six months. Due to the fast rate of replenishment, HempWood® is a viable resource that can be used repeatedly without corrupting our environment. 


    Secondly, HempWood® is eco-friendly. There is never any added formaldehyde. HempWood® products are bonded with a soy base adhesive. The soy base adhesive is food-safe. Additionally, the HempWood® factory is carbon-negative; meaning our factory takes more carbon out of the atmosphere than what is produced.    

    Hemp Wood Flooring is Harder than Hickory

    Additionally, HempWood® is 20% harder than hickory. Janka is a measurement system to determine the hardness of flooring. To measure the hardness, a steel ball is compressed into the wood until the ball is embedded halfway. In comparison to hickory, HempWood® has a higher janka score, which is approximately 2,400. With the hardiness of HempWood®, our flooring is a suitable choice for a hectic family or a busy office worker.  


    Furthermore, HempWood® is not only sustainable and more durable but is beautiful as well. HempWood® offers many products with various selections. Lumber is offered in two sawn assortments: plain-sawn and rift sawn. The different cuts offer character to any project. In addition to the two varieties of sawn, there are three finishes offered on our flooring products. Unfinished, prefinished, and bourbon finishes allow for the perfect amount of character to any living area. 

    Price Competitive 

    Finally, HempWood® is price-competitive with black walnut. In addition to all the features of HempWood®, there are no added costs. Black walnut flooring traditionally costs around $10/ft². HempWood® allows for customers to access sustainably beautiful products without price inflation.  Overall, HempWood® truly offers a better alternative to the current lumber industry.     


    In conclusion, the world is a continuously growing place with exponential population growth and increasing intake of resources. With better production practices and mindfulness, we can secure a better tomorrow today. HempWood® products have many advantages that make traditional lumber a thing of the past. Sustainability, eco-friendliness, beauty, hardness, and affordability are all reasons to choose HempWood®.          

    It takes a village to make things happen, if you want to be part of the solution check their website www.hempwood.com and be the first in your circle to use HempWood.

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