These Cordless Blinds are Awesome — Just Raise ‘em Up!

Home Decorators Collection’s cordless blinds have no strings to pull — just lift them up.

Blinds have been a common window treatment for a couple of centuries. And they really haven’t changed that much — until now.

The Home Decorators Collection cordless blinds have no cords or strings to pull. Just raise them up, and then adjust the blinds. Then you can pull the blinds right back down. The pulley system is inside the rail behind the valance.

The nice thing about being cordless is that these blinds are not a hazard to small kids or even to your parents.

This is also a moisture-resistant product, so it can hold up to almost anything in the house. They’re great for the bathroom and, if you want to put them outside, you certainly can, like in your garage.

I also love their embossed wood appearance.

For a 2-inch faux wood blind, these are the bomb. Find them at The Home Depot.


  1. Just bought a new home and have tile floors in bathrooms and stone flooring in one shower.

    Should I seal the tile and stone and how do I do it.

    Thanks Robin

    • Hi, Robin,
      Danny says, “I would suggest using an inexpensive topsoil in a bag that can simply be spread out over the top of your grass seed. Sometimes it’s as cheap as $2 a bag.
      Thanks for your question!”


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