How to Hang a Heavy Mirror or Picture on a Wall

The most secure way to hang a heavy mirror or painting on a wall is to drive a long screw directly into a wall stud. When a wall stud isn’t available where you want to hang a heavy picture, a toggle bolt provides the most holding power.

To install a toggle bolt:

    1. Put a nut, washer, and toggle nut on the bolt.
    1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to make a hole in the drywall just large enough for the toggle nut to fit through.
    1. Insert the toggle nut through the wall so the spring-loaded wings spread out on the other side.
    1. Tighten up the bolt and nut, leaving a gap between the two for the picture or mirror hanger.
  1. Hang the mirror or painting on the toggle bolt and level.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Tiffany Asks: What’s the best way to hang a heavy mirror on the wall?

Danny Lipford: The best way to hang anything heavy on your wall is to use a 3-inch screw and screw it right into a wall stud. You’ll be lucky if you find a wall stud exactly where you want to hang that heavy picture, so you have to go to hollow wall anchors. Lot of different kinds out there that you can use.

What I like to use, always works well, is an old fashioned toggle bolt. And now here’s a nice little trick. Take the toggle bolt and then put a nut, thread it into the toggle bolt, then put a couple washers on it. Then screw the little wing on the end of the toggle bolt. Then use you screwdriver to create a hole in the drywall. And then when you place it in and tighten it up real nice, you have a great, very strong, wall anchor.


  1. I was very impressed with this video. Enough so to leave a comment. I try very hard to be a DIY’er but have minimal knowledge/skills so I rely on these videos. But so many of them are much too overexplanatory, complicated or just leave out important steps. This was so simple, clear, very very practical and doable, well filmed and explained. Perfect. Do more! Thanks

    • We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the video, and that it was easy to understand and follow along. Thank you for the feedback!

  2. The video was terrific. Thank you. I watched it 3 times – but adding the nut and the washers is brilliant. Thanks again.

  3. I will be installing a Moen Towel shelf. I have 4 toggle bolts- 2 for each end. Which way should I use the toggle bolts to be the strongest hold.? Vertical or horizontal. The towel ends have 4 holes so that it can be done either way. I am thinking vertically. Please help.
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Pat,
      Danny says, “You are definitely right that using the vertical pattern will make it stronger.
      That has always worked best for me over the years.
      Good luck!”

  4. I have a large picture with 5 x 1cm holes along the top and 5 along the bottom . Looking for hanging pegs but I can’t find anywhere? Any ideas welcome, thanks


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