The Kitchen Customized for Your Needs

Moving the Microwave and Adding a Range Hood

Danny and Chelsea install a microwave into the island.

We removed the microwave from underneath the cabinets and cut holes in the ceiling for the duct that will vent a new range hood.

I then get on the roof and cut the access hole for the range hood’s ductwork.

Now we’re ready to install a Broan range hood that has a three-speed motor and moves 600 cubic feet of air per minute with a super-quiet motor.

As for the microwave, we cut a hole for that in the island, add a shelf, and we have what appears to be a built-in microwave!

Now, Whit and Andrea have the kitchen that truly fits their family’s needs, and the materials for this project cost less than $1,000.

The kitchen now has proper ventilation, which is great because Whit and Andrea love to cook!

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