Kim Osburn and her husband, Josh, of West Bloomfield, Michigan, received a complete kitchen makeover as the winner of the Today’s Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes sponsored by Merillat. Sweepstakes officials chose them from over 10,000 entries, and their renovation included everything from new cabinets and countertops to flooring and appliances. Read more to learn more about Kim’s dream kitchen makeover.

Design and Planning

Designing and planning a new kitchen was the first step for the Osburn’s remodel. They wanted the kitchen to feature a contemporary style and to have plenty of storage and visual appeal. 

Designer Sandra Daubenmeyer of KSI Kitchen & Bath worked with the Osburns to plan their new kitchen with separate areas for a bar, pantry, desk, and an island for dining. The selected cabinets have a sleek, contemporary look with a dark, rich, stained finish.

Some of our favorite Items popular in kitchens today include:

  • Angled corner cabinets to maximize space
  • Glass panel doors on hanging cabinets for an open look
  • Freestanding cabinets that mimic furniture
  • Innovative storage like rollout trays, lazy Susans, and inserts to prevent clutter
  • Adjustable cabinet door hinges to fine-tune fit
  • Soft-close hardware that allows doors and drawers to close slowly without slamming

Learn more about our choices for cabinet brands.

Removal and Demolition

Once the Osburns finalized design plans, demolition began. Walls remained, but they removed old cabinets and appliances, donating old materials to the Habitat ReStore, and preventing useful materials from landfills. 

Next, workers made plumbing, wiring, and drywall repairs.

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Remodeling and Installation

Next, we installed the new cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, storage accessories, and other special features chosen during the design process.

We installed base cabinets first to allow exact countertop measurements before fabrication. We placed cabinets on 3⁄4-inch blocks to account for hardwood flooring thickness.

Wood shims aligned cabinet faces and tops in flush lines. We screwed base units together before hanging wall cabinets precisely on mounting rails.

The “blue pearl” granite countertops pair elegantly with glass and steel backsplash tiles. The granite offers natural beauty, durability, and easy maintenance — one of the many reasons why the Oburns picked it. 

Lastly, we installed a lifting shelf, one of our favorite features, that hides the mixer and then swings up for more room when baking. Other features include adjustable peg drawers and a wet bar with a wine cooler. 

Other Tips for a Dream Kitchen Remodel 

Here are a handful of tips to follow when you remodel your kitchen. These suggestions can save you time, money, or both. A few of them include helpful videos.

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini: Preventing Tear-Out When Drilling

To prevent back-side tear out when drilling holes with a spade bit or hole saw, start by drilling halfway through the front until the bit tip protrudes from the back. Then flip the board and finish drilling from the back using the centered pilot hole. This technique helps achieve clean holes.

Watch: How to Prevent Tear-Out When Drilling a Hole

Best New Products with Jodi Marks: Bucket Head Wet/Dry Vac

The Bucket Head wet/dry vac powerhead attaches to a standard 5-gallon bucket for an inexpensive shop vacuum alternative. This convenient option offers an affordable alternative to more costly traditional shop vacs. Reversing the hose lets it function as a blower. You can buy one at Home Depot for less than $20.

Watch: Innovative 5-Gallon Bucket Wet/Dry Vac

Thinking Green with Danny Lipford: Innovative Kitchen Composters

Installing an indoor compost bin like the NatureMill Kitchen Composter simplifies recycling food scraps. It automatically grinds and dehydrates waste, producing rich compost in two to four weeks. A carbon filter controls odors, providing an eco-friendly way to reduce household food waste.

Watch: Benefits of a Compost Bin

So, Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth the Investment?

Kitchen remodels often increase resale value. Homebuyers frequently make home-buying decisions based on kitchen evaluations. Planning smart upgrades fitting your lifestyle can maximize enjoyment and entertainment. Using qualified contractors contains expenses and limits disruption. Careful planning lets even expensive remodels pay off. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your kitchen to your dream space.

Watch: Planning the First Time Homeowner Kitchen Renovation.

FAQs About Kitchen Remodels

What are recent kitchen remodeling trends?

Popular trends include contemporary cabinetry, quartz or granite countertops, mixed metal finishes, smart home integration, outdoor kitchens, and eco-friendly materials.

What is the average cost to remodel a kitchen?

According to the Remodeling Magazine, the average price for a middle-of-the-road kitchen remodel cost is over $80,000, while minor remodels average $26,000 (as of 2022). Luxury kitchens can exceed $158,000.

How long does an average kitchen remodel take?

Timelines vary dramatically by project scope, but major kitchen remodels often take eight to 12 weeks or more. That timetable includes planning, demolition, installation, inspections, countertop fabrication, appliance delivery, and other essential steps. Plan four to six weeks for minor kitchen remodels.

What increases resale value more, kitchen or bathroom remodels?

The Remodeling Impact Report shows midrange major kitchen remodels recoup about 68% of costs at resale, while upscale kitchen remodels yield about 75%. Bathrooms recoup only about 60% on average. However, both boost home appeal for potential buyers.

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