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Kim Osburn of West Bloomfield, Michigan, was selected from over 10,000 entries as the winner of the Today’s Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes sponsored by Merillat. Kim and her husband Josh received a complete kitchen makeover that included everything from new cabinets and countertops to flooring and appliances.

Design and Planning

Designer Sandra Daubenmeyer of KSI Kitchen & Bath worked with the Osburns’ to plan their new kitchen with separate areas for a bar, pantry, desk, and an island for dining. The cabinets that were selected have a sleek, contemporary look with a dark, rich stained finish.

Items that are popular in kitchens today include:

  • Angled corner cabinets.
  • Glass panel doors on hanging cabinets.
  • Freestanding cabinets that mimic furniture.
  • Innovative storage space such as rollout trays and lazy susans.
  • Adjustable cabinet door hinges, which make it easy to fine-tune the fit.
  • Merillat cabinet SoftAction hinge and drawer hardware that allow cabinet doors and drawers to close without slamming shut.

Removal and Demolition

Once the Osburn’s plans had been finalized, demolition of the old kitchen began. While the walls remained in place for the remodel, all the old cabinets and appliances were removed and donated to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for reuse.

Next, any needed modifications were made to the plumbing or wiring, and damaged drywall was repaired or replaced.

Remodeling and Installation

The base cabinets were installed first to allow exact measurements for the granite countertops. The cabinets were placed on 3/4″ thick blocks to allow for the thickness of the hardwood floor that would be installed later.

Wood shims were used to align the faces and level the tops of the base cabinets. When the cabinets were correctly positioned, they were screwed together to keep them aligned before the hanging cabinets were installed.

The “blue pearl” granite selected for the countertops contrasts nicely with the glass and stainless steel tiles in the backsplash.

An appliance lifting shelf allows the mixer to remain hidden inside the cabinet when not in use then swing up for easy access when needed. Other features include additional drawer space with adjustable pegs for easy organization, and a wet bar complete with wine cooler and frosted glass doors.

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