How to Apply an Epoxy Coating to a Garage Floor

If your garage floor has seen better days, you might consider sealing it. While there are many products available, we used a two-part epoxy kit from Rust-Oleum. The kit contains everything you need to have your garage floor looking like new including cleaner, two-part epoxy coating, decorative paint chips, and even an instructional DVD.

The epoxy coating won’t bond well if the floor has already been sealed, so test it first by pouring a little water on the floor. If the water beads up, the floor has been sealed before.

You also should check for excess moisture in the slab by taping a 2’ by 2’ piece of plastic to the floor for 24 hours. If the area under the plastic appears damp, then the epoxy might have problems adhering. Newly poured concrete should cure at least a month before sealing.

To apply an epoxy coating to a garage floor:

  1. Remove all items from the garage.
  2. Sweep or blow out all dirt and debris.
  3. Remove any oil or grease stains with mineral spirits and a scrub brush.
  4. Wipe up the mineral spirits and residue with paper towels.
  5. Mix the cleaner with water and apply with a long-handled scrub brush.
  6. Hose off the cleaner and allow the floor to dry thoroughly.
  7. Fill any cracks in the slab with concrete repair caulk and allow to dry.
  8. Mix the two-part epoxy sealer together and stir thoroughly.
  9. Trim out the edges with a brush then roll the floor within the time specified.
  10. Allow the floor to cure according to the instructions before putting into use.
  11. Not only will sealing the floor improve the look of your garage, the smooth surface will be much easier to sweep and keep clean.

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  1. sorry I just read the entire blog again and realized you answered that with the plastic test. Does Durolock (sp) waterproofing help in a situation like this. It claims that if used to thier specifications you can use acrylic floor paint on top and it will stick regardless of hydrostatic pressure..any comments? I am just now trying to get carpet glue off the concrete flooring after a flood in our lower level..the idiots that installed it used carpet tacks AND then used an enormous amount of adhesive for some reason. Jasco is taking it off but ive decided to rent a diamond grinder with three heads and an attached wet vac and hopefuly will do the eight hundred sf i need to do in a weekend..all five feet two inches of me. ( no woman tells thier weight)


  3. Greg Is the problem the floor or a drainage issue? The solution I would suggest would be to dig drains at the entrance to your garage, covered by grates so that when you drove over them, you would be able to do so with ease and then direct the drainage into a sump pump. The only way to level the floor at this point is to resurface it I believe with an expensive overlayment which is attractive but about twenty dollars a sf depending upon the area you live in. If the water isn’t too much of an issue maybe putting a better seal on the bottom of the garage door would help. I know we did that and it helped a great deal. It is so tight the water delivery people think it’s locked when they deliver water for our drinking fountain. But it does help to some degree.

  4. I have my garage issue. I do have hyrdrostatic pressure and it may have been caused by a bad wax ring in nearby bathroom. It has caused our flooring to buckle (wood flooring),existing to when we bought the house, now I want to paint or seal the garage flooring. Every time i go in there barefoot my feet are white and drag into the house. Do I need a contractor to further look into more problems. My husband has placed draing rocks to the side of the house due to swamp cooler. Too many wet problems here.
    Help my sobbiness.

  5. I believe I have water coming up from under my garage floor, although it is peculiar. It can pour down rain and the floor is dry, humidity and it gets wet. When I leave a box or anything on the floor and move it after a couple of days the spot is damp. Any suggestions?

  6. I’ve seen homeowners in warmer climates simply lay out a end roll piece of vinyl flooring that they’ve acquired as a remnant. One can get years of use before replacing and no real labor issues. Nothing better for clean-up issues, wet or dry.

  7. My garage floor shows a crack in it. It appears to come from the outside wall about half way in the garage. Also, lots of water comes off the trucks wheels from melted snow or just rain water. What is the best thing to do in this case?

  8. I recently purchased a new home and the garage floor has never been sealed. The problem is, is that it’s October and it’s about 40 degrees outside. Is this to cold to seal a garage floor? I live in Ohio and the winters here are usually pretty bad and alot of melted snow and road salt. I wanted to park my car in the garage this winter, so hopefully I can seal a floor in cold weather. I’m not painting the floor, I just want to put a coat of standard sealer down. Please let me know what I need to do, and if it’s a bad idea to park my car in the garage without sealing the floor first.

  9. I would like to know the answer to Nick’s question. I am in Minnesota. I close on my house 12-5-08 and I would like to seal the garage floor before the first snow and salt gets on it. What do I do??

  10. I purchased a split level home two years ago. The garage floor, although level, has cracks in floor, and is allowing water sepage to occur, resulting in large puddles of water on the garage floor. What is the best plan of attack? To have the floor sealed, or do I need more drastic measures?

  11. We recently purchased a house, but by the garage door, the concrete is pitted and snow blows in. Some of the pits are up to an inch deep. Once it warms up I would like to fix the concrete and seal it so we don’t have problems again next year. Would a concrete patch work or will the sealer adhere to it?

    • Hi Mario,
      If your garage floor has concrete sealer on it (i.e. water beads up), two-part epoxy products may not adhere properly and shouldn’t be applied. If the floor has been painted, epoxy products can be applied if the old paint is adhering well to the concrete and has been scruff sanded first. To test whether old paint is adhering well, cut an “X” through the old coating, press a piece of duct tape firmly down over the cut, pull the tape off in a quick motion. Don’t apply epoxy finish over it if more than a quarter of the paint comes off on the tape. Good luck with your project!

  12. I cannot get to all the sides without moving some heavy equipment. If I do most of the floor but leave one side without sealer will the rest of the floor stay pretty dry or will there be a lot of sweating from the unprotected area, etc. Said another way, does the floor stay dry where I seal it even if spot treated? Thanks. Gary

  13. I’m wanting to apoxy my garage floor and have a smoot finsh but I need to know if the expantion joints need to be filled first and if so what ia the best thing to use.


  15. The previous owner had painted the garage floor with a white paint, it looks like crap now. Do i need to get ALL the paint off before i can seal it?

  16. We just purchased a brand new home in Pennsylvania and wanted to know the same thing as Nick and Larry above- Can I seal my garage floor in cold temperatures? Thanks!

    • Hi Ann,
      That will depend on the particular product you use, so check the label or contact the manufacturer to find out. According to Rust-Oleum, the epoxy product featured in this video should not be applied when the air is under 60° F or the concrete floor is below 55° F.

  17. I recently purchased a home and water in my garage (from snow melting) is draining towards my house foundation. I recently discovered that moisture is getting through the concrete block foundation and affecting the drywall (little moisture spots are visibly apparent).

    Do you know if sealing my garage floor would prevent water from seeping down along the foundation? i.e. would the sealant be strong enough to not let any water penetrate?

    Also, I live in MN and am eager to hear if you have an answer to the temperature question.


  18. I read its best to wait at least 30 days of curing time of a new concrete slap before application of epoxy, but I just resurfaced an existing concrete floor with an ultra thin layer of cement, how long should this cure before paining on water-based epoxy?

  19. I know these are older comments but I had all these similar questions and I came across Epoxytech they are pretty good. Part I liked best is that I could get a hold of them at night when I was off work while investigating epoxy floor coating for my garage and they answered my questions for me and my floor turned out fantastic. If anybody comes across this article give them a call I’m sure they will answer any question you have. is their website. Hope you had the success I did.

  20. We have a carport attached to our home. Every time it rains (or even looks rainy, the concrete gets very wet and slippery. What should we do to correct this problem.

  21. I would like to do my garage floor but its pitted and very dusty , how should I approach this ! I would like to seal and paint!

  22. We applied an epoxy kit to our garage floor but have two places that came darker then the rest?
    We cleaned and everything prior to applying, and there was no oil stains.
    Just wondering if there is any way in fixing it

  23. gentlemen,a few months ago I applied concrete cement on the floor of my shower because was cracking up,since it is a little slippery I would like to apply an epoxy mixing it whit sand and apply on the shower base.
    is it there any epoxy that wont peel off after apllying it
    thank you

    • Hi, Alfonso,
      Epoxy peels after application for many reasons. Among these are a poorly prepared concrete surface, moisture in the concrete surface, a dirty surface due to acid etch residue, and sealed (but not grinded) concrete.
      We encourage checking your local home center, asking questions and ensuring the products to correct these issues match your home’s needs.
      Good luck!

  24. I just sealed my garage floor with a 2-part epoxy and completed the job with the decorative chips etc. It looks great.
    Should I now seal it with a clear coat on top? If so, what product is recommended?


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