Rubbermaid Big Wheel Yard Cart

The Rubbermaid Big Wheel yard cart:

  • Is easy to push and maneuver.
  • Holds up to 7.5 to 8 cubic feet of material.
  • Can be used to carry up of 300 pounds.
  • Available at The Home Depot.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Jodi Marks: One of the things I love about spring is getting my spring planting done. And if you’ve got that on your agenda for your spring, take a look at this. Now, this is the Big Wheel Cart by Rubbermaid. And as the name would imply, it’s got some pretty big wheels here. And that’s what I like best about it, because it’s going to make maneuverability around the yard very easy to do. And also, look at this large capacity.

Now, unlike typical wheelbarrows, you know, you’ve got just a small area. Look at this. You can hold up to seven-and-a-half cubic feet of material. And if you mound it, you can get over eight cubic feet of material. Plus, the thing is it is very sturdy, so it can hold a lot of weight, up to 300 pounds.

So not only are you able to put putting soil in there and your plants, but you can also put mulch, you can put stone if you’re going to be doing some of that in your landscaping. Again, the construction’s very sturdy, so it’s going to hold up over time. And if you just need to store it outside, it’s not going to rust or break down. This is just a great thing to have on hand if you are like me and you like to do a lot of gardening.


  1. I’ve ordered the smaller cart that holds 200 pounds. In putting it together, I can’t get the wheels on with the push on buttons to hold I them on. Please advise.


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