Broan-NuTone range hood, seen close up in Today's Homeowner host Danny Lipford's home
Lots of homeowners have a range hood and don’t know how to properly maintain it.

Using a range hood over the stove or cooktop in your kitchen is a great way to remove smoke, heat and cooking odors.

When using a range hood, be sure to turn it on before you begin cooking, and leave the fan running for 15 minutes after you’re through.

Clean the grease filters once a month, and replace the charcoal filter on unvented range hoods every three to four months.

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Further Information

The ducted range hood over your stove is there to remove smoke, vapors, heat, and cooking odors; but it can only do that job properly if you remember to use it.

Turn the fan on a few minutes before you begin cooking, and leave it running for 15 minutes after you finish.

Even if only boiling water, a ducted hood will remove unwanted heat and humidity from your home.

To ensure peak efficiency, clean the grease filters about once a month. For non-ducted range hoods, replace the charcoal filter every three to four months.

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