What’s New Is Old Again: Historic Kitchen Remodel

Danny Lipford in remodeled historic home kitchen.
Danny Lipford in remodeled kitchen of historic home.

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While the 1950s era metal cabinets in this home served well over the years, the homeowners decided it was time for a change. To bring the kitchen up to date, the walls were taken all the way down to the studs, and the room was rebuilt from the ground up with new cabinets, countertops, and appliances to give it a timeless, classic look that blends with the historic 1922 home.

Kitchen before renovation.

Renovation of the kitchen began with the removal of the old metal cabinets and stainless steel sink unit. The trim around the windows and doors was next to go, followed by the paneling and wallboard. Opening up the walls made it easy to update the wiring and plumbing.

Renovation in progress.

Once the drywall in the kitchen had been hung and finished, the new cabinets were installed. The classic white painted cabinets featured flat frame and panel doors and stylish nickel hardware. Dark granite countertops were chosen to contrast with the white cabinets.

To brighten up the room, recessed lighting was installed in the ceiling. New trim molding was custom made to match the original, with the existing doors and shutters from the old kitchen reused in the new. After the carpentry work was complete, the painters arrived to tackle the walls and trim.

The old stainless steel sink unit was given new life in the utility room, and a dividing wall—complete with pocket door—constructed to separate it from the rest of the house.

Completed historic kitchen remodel.
Completed historic kitchen remodel.

Rather than stripping and refinishing the existing wood floor, which had been buried under several layers of glued down vinyl flooring, new hardwood flooring was installed that matched the flooring in the rest of the house.

The new wood flooring came prefinished, which provided a more durable finish and allowed for faster installation. Ceramic tile was used for the floor in the utility room and back door area.

Mosaic tile backsplash in remodeled kitchen.

The last step in the historic kitchen renovation was installing a mosaic tile backsplash on the walls behind the kitchen counter. The completed kitchen combined the best of old and new to give the room a classic look that will be in style for years to come.

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  1. Can you help us? We have a moisture problem in our home and having problems with the floors. This is an SS Steel house which is built on piers, and we have plastic on the ground underneath, but this will be the second time we have had to have our floors re-done. This is a scary thing, because we are hoping this doesn’t happen again. The floors buckle, warp and rot. We are considering using blue wood this time to see if it is better, and also installing a fan underneath to help with airflow. Any other advice would be appreciated. There will be vistine put down after the blue floor is installed. Pluse we will have laminated floors put down with the blue vapor barrier under neath.


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