Easy Liner® shelf liner from Duck Brand®

Whether you’re moving into your first home, renting an apartment or living in the house you’ve loved for years, consider spicing up your home with shelf liner. Shelf liner is an easy way to protect shelves, cabinets and dresser drawers from wear and tear. It keeps surfaces scratch-free and prevents spills or drips from damp dishes from causing damage to shelves and cabinets. It’s easily cleaned with a damp cloth or can be thrown in the washing machine—simply wash and re-use! And if when you want a completely refreshed space, installing new shelf liner is quick and hassle-free!

Shelves in cabinet lined with shelf linerEasy Liner® from Duck Brand® offers a variety of shelf liners in many colors and patterns that add flair to function. The liners allow you to protect your space and express your individual style at the same time. Easy Liner® from Duck Brand® offers non-adhesive and adhesive liners that are stylish and practical for use in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more! And the non-adhesive liners are simple to cut, install and reposition.

Smooth Top® Easy Liner® is great for kitchen and bathroom shelves and cabinets. It is a non-adhesive liner made with a smooth surface and a non-slip underside. The smooth surface catches messes and spills as they happen, making clean up a breeze, while the non-slip gripped underside keeps the liner firmly in place.

In addition to lining your shelves and cabinets, Easy Liner® shelf liner has a wide range of other uses. The Select and Original Grip liners provide a great grip to anything you want to keep firmly in place. Add it under pet dishes to keep them from sliding around, use them under rugs, or place a small amount under chair legs to prevent them from slipping across the floor.

Drawer lined with shelf linerIf you are looking for more traditional, adhesive liners, Duck Brand offers Peel & Stick Laminate with pre-printed paper backing for easy measuring and cutting. Peel & Stick protects your surfaces and is also useful for other decorating and crafting applications.

Protect the spaces you love with Easy Liner® by Duck Brand® shelf liner. Products are available at several fine retailers. Visit duckbrand.com for more information.

The Easy Liner® brand of shelf liners is marketed by Shurtech Brands, LLC.

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