Installing Screw Hooks the Easy Way

Installing screw hooks by hand can be time consuming. A simpler method is to use a power drill to do the work for you. Begin by boring a pilot hole for the screw hook, then get the hook started in the hole.

Take another screw hook, and chuck it tightly into the drill.

Hook the two screw hooks together, and use the drill to slowly drive the hook into the ceiling.

Once the hook is in place, insert a screwdriver in it to make any final adjustments.


  1. I’ve found lag screws that were the same thread pitch and the same diameter,or slightly smaller. work great like a tap.Just remember to rap tape around them as a flag for depth control.

  2. Hi Anne, Glad you liked the screw hook tip. I’ve been called a lot of things over the years, but not serious or clever! Thanks for writing and good luck.–Joe T.


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