When And Why Renting Equipment Is A Good Idea

Cleaning a brick patio with pressure washer.

If you are looking for a way to get some of your home improvement projects done quicker, easier, and safer, you may want to consider renting some professional equipment from a local rental center. You will be surprised by the myriad of choices of tools and equipment available for rent.

Obviously most of this equipment is very expensive to buy and your need to use it will be infrequent. So why not visit your local rental center, save money, and get the job done right.

Some Tools That You Can Rent

There is an almost endless list of tools and equipment available to rent but here are just a few of the most frequently used items that will help you with some very common projects.

  • Pressure Washer

    Pressure washers have become more affordable at the consumer level but are still quite an investment. In addition, the type of machine available at rental centers is substantially more powerful and cuts down time and certainly creates a high-quality result.

    Rent – $55 per day
    Buy – $1,400

Paint sprayer

  • Paint Sprayer

    There is a wide variety of paint sprayers available and you need to be careful to choose the right unit when painting either inside or outside your home. For inside work, look for a high-pressure low volume unit, for outside an airless unit would be more appropriate.

    Rent – $60 per day
    Buy – $800 to $1,100

  • Wallpaper Steamer

    Scraping wallpaper can be a difficult and lengthy process. This machine makes it almost effortless. You can remove all the wallpaper in one weekend and then, once the steamer is returned, paint or re-wallpaper each room at your leisure.

    Rent – $25 per day
    Buy – $400 to $800 depending on brand

  • Tiller

    This machine is invaluable when doing any type of landscaping project. Expensive to buy and something that you would use infrequently, the tiller turns over soil so that anything being planted is laid into a proper surface.

    Rent – $45 per day
    Buy – $975 to $1,300

Cutting tree with chainsaw.

  • Chainsaw

    Chainsaws are a frequently rented item but one that must be used with extreme caution. When renting a chainsaw please check with your rental center for all safety and operating instructions.

    Rent – $25 per day
    Buy – $350

Three Important Tips for Renting

  1. To find a good rental center in the area contact the American Rental Association, or if you have already found one make sure they are ARA affiliated.
  2. Organize your project before picking up your equipment so that you are ready to use it immediately and not spending extra money (most equipment is rented by the hour, day, week or month).
  3. Safety First! Make sure that you get all the correct operating information on the equipment and pay particular attention to the safety instructions.


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