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December 29, 2023

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    If you’re planning to do home improvement projects by yourself, choosing the right ladder to accomplish any task can be crucial because it will ensure your safety. 

    Today’s ladders are available in a wide range of ladder types, designs, and sizes, and choosing among them can be overwhelming. So how do you decide which ladder is the right one for you?

    We’ve narrowed it down to two brands—Gorilla Ladders and Little Giant Ladder,  two of the industry-leading ladder manufacturer. Below is the breakdown of everything you need to take into account—cost, warranty, specifications, durability, convenience, and sizing options.

    Gorilla Ladders Vs. Little Giant: Company Overviews

    Gorilla Ladders® is a manufacturer and retailer of high-quality ladders, ladder accessories, contractor products, work platforms, step tools, and other hardware accessories.

    Gorilla Ladders® offer high-performing, sturdy ladders, which are available in six categories, including Multi-Position, Household, Aluminum Super Light, Heavy Duty Steel, Dual Platform, and Platforms. Their ladders are made from aluminum, steel, or plastic.

    Little Giant Ladder Systems® is manufactured by Wing Enterprises, an American manufacturer of safety ladders. The company was founded in the 1970s by Harold R. Wing and its headquarters at Springville, Utah.

    Little Giant Ladders offer safety ladders, which are available in six categories: Multi-Position, Combination, Step Stools, Stepladders, Extension, and Safety Cages.

    They feature 12 Multi-Position Ladders families, namely Velocity, Epic, Dark Horse 2.0, Revolution, Dark Horse, Conquest, Super Duty, Megalite, LT, Defender, Multi, and Leveler. Their Combination Ladders are available in three configurations: King Kombo, King Kombo 2.0, and Sentinel. 

    Their Stepladders are available in eight configurations: Xtra-Lite Plus, Flip-n-Lite, Mightylite, Airwing, Skyscraper, DS-XL Double-sided, Select Step, and Microburst, while the Extension ladders are available in two configurations: Hyperlite and Sumostance. Their Safety Cages are available in three configurations: Cage-Adjustable, Cage-Compact, and Safety-CAge 2.0.

    Cost Comparison

    Gorilla Ladders® features high-quality, durable ladders at affordable prices. They are sold in Home Depot stores, or you can also buy their products online through their website.

    The pricing of their Multi-Position ladders ranges from $140 to $350, while their Dual Platform ladders range between $59 to $100. The pricing of their Heavy Duty Steel ladders is about $13 to 92, while their Platform ladders range from $49 to $145.

    The pricing of Little Giant Ladder varies, depending on the model and its specifications. The price of the Velocity model ranges from $179 to $359, while their Epic model costs about $438 to $573. The Dark Horse 2.0 model costs range from $279 to $379, while King Kombo is about $169 to $288. 

    The King Kombo 2.0 model costs range from $259 to $349, while Sentinel ranges between $599 to $679. The price Jumbo Step model is $110 to $195, and their Safety Step model is about $153 to $202.

    Their Xtra-Lite Plus model ranges from $102 to $142, while their Flip-N-Lite ranges from $$82 to $118. The cost of their Mightylite model ranges from $99 to $134, while their Safety-Cage 2.0 model ranges from $899 to $1699.

    Moreover, the pricing of their other ladder models is only available through their stores. It includes the models Revolution, Dark House, Conquest, Super Duty, Megalite, LT, Defender, Multi, Leveler, Airwing, Skyscraper, Hyperlite, Sumostance, Cage-Adjustable, and Cage-Compact. 

    Warranty Comparison

    Gorilla Ladders® offers Lifetime Limited Warranty for their ladders, which applies to the original owner of the product. The warranty doesn’t cover any damage caused by improper use, improper cleaning of any Gorilla product, and use of non-authorized ladder parts or accessories.

    Little Giant Ladders offer varying warranty periods for their models.

    For their models’ Velocity, Epic, Revolution, Jumbo Step, and Xtra-Lite Plus, they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 1-Year warranty coverage for their models Dark Horse 2.0, King Kombo, Dark Horse, Conquest, King Kombo 2.0, Sentinel, Safety Step, Flip-N-Lite, Mightylite, Airwing, Hyperlite, Sumostance, Cage-Adjustable, Cage-Compact, and Safety-Cage 2.0.

    Their Skyscraper model has a 5-Year warranty.

    Specification Comparison

    Gorilla Ladders®’s Multi-Position Ladders have speed or rail locks with a ¼ turn, which are easy and fast to adjust at any height. The speed/rail locks also guarantee the stability of the ladder and reduce the movement of the rail when it is being used. 

    Today’s Homeowner Tips

    It features durable, oversized MPX hinges, which decrease the flexing or swaying when climbing. The hinges provide ease of motion (push or pull) and stability of ladders. Its armored feet also have slip-resistant pads that are easy to rotate and replace. The pads provide enhanced durability and impact resistance.

    Moreover, their ladders and platforms are durable due to their solid construction made of aluminum or fiberglass. They also feature self-locking safety latches and sturdy platforms with non-slip steps and feet that help provide stability and safety for a solid stance. 

    Their ladders and platforms also have a slim profile that helps provide ease of stowing at any place and grips that help provide comfort for carrying and climbing.

    They also feature a built-in utility tray where you put all your supplies or tools within reach and keep them organized. 

    Little Giant ladders feature patented metal rock and rapid locks that allow the ease of adjusting the ladder’s rails for the desired position and height securely. They also have tip and glide wheels on their ladders’ feet that help move the ladder easily. 

    Moreover, their ladders also feature ratcheting levelers that secure and keep the ladders steady when you place them on uneven ground. They also have non-slip staircase steps that provide safety as you’re climbing up and down the ladder and prevent loss of balance.

    Their ladders also have a cargo hold or tray where you can put all your necessary equipment.

    Height Comparison

    The size and height of Gorilla Ladders vary, depending on the model. Their Multi-Position ladders come in a variety of size variations: 14 ft, 15 ft, 18 ft, 19 ft, 22 ft, 23 ft, and 26 ft, and all of them have 375 lbs load capacity. 

    For their Household ladders, the available products are available in 1-Step, 2-Step, or 3-Step designs. Both Aluminum Super Light and heavy-duty steel come in 2-Step and 3-Step designs, while their Dual Platform comes in either 4.5 ft or 5.5 ft ladders.

    • The height and size of Little Giant ladders also vary, depending on their category and model. Their Velocity model comes in four max reach options: 14 ft 3 in, 18 ft 1 in, 22 ft, and 25 ft 10 in.
    • The Epic model is available in 18 ft 1 in, 22 ft, and 25 ft 10 inches. Dark Horse Model is available in 14 ft 3 in, 18 ft 1 in, 22 ft
    • The Revolution Model comes in three max reach choices: 17 ft 1 in, 22 ft 3 in, and 25 ft 6 inches.
    • Their Dark Horse model has three max reach variations: 14 ft 3 in, 18 ft 1 in, and 22 ft, while their Conquest model is only available in 18 ft 2 in and 22 ft 3 inches.
    • King Kombo is available in 13 ft 1 in, 15 ft 3 in, and 17 ft 2 in, while King Kombo is available in 11 ft 4 in, 13 ft 1 in, and 17 ft 2 inches. The Sentinel model has two max reach options: 13 ft 2 in and 15 ft 1 inch.
    • Their Step Stool Ladders feature two available designs: Jumbo Step and Safety Step. Both Jumbo Step and Safety Step model comes in 8 ft, 8 ft 8 in, and 9 ft 5 inches and are available in 2-step, 3-step, and 4-step choices.
    • Both Xtra-Lite Plus and Flip-n-Lite are available in 8 ft 4 in, 9 ft 4 in, and 10 ft 3 in, while the Mightylite model offers 8 ft 4.5 in, 9 ft 4 in, 10 ft 3.5 in, 12 ft 2 inches as its max reach options.
    • The Airwing model comes in four max reach options: 8 ft 5 in, 9 ft 4 in,  10 ft 3 in, and 12 ft 1 inch, while the Skyscraper model is available in 18 ft 9 in, 20 ft 7 in, and 24 ft 5 inches max reach.
    • The Hyperlite Model is available in 15 ft 10 in, 19 ft 8 in, 23 ft 6 in, 27 ft 4 in, and 31 ft 1 in, while Sumostance is available in 16 ft 2 in, 20 ft, 23 ft 9 in, 27 ft 7 in, and 31 ft 5 inc max reach.
    • The Cage-Adjustable model comes in three max reach variations: 11 ft 5 in, 15 ft 2.5 in, and 19 ft 11 in, while the Cage-Compact is available in 12 ft 3 in and 16 ft 1-inch max reach.

    Final Thoughts

    Both Gorilla Ladders® and Little Giant provide high-quality and durable ladders, which guarantee safety and stability when being used. Both ladder brands are also flexible as they provide ease of motion and height adjustments.

    If you prefer ladders with a wide selection of models and size variations, then Little Giant Ladders can provide excellent ladder model options for you. If you want more budget-friendly ladders, then Gorilla Ladders® suit you best.

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