Engineered hardwood flooring comes sanded and finished from the factory, eliminating much of the mess and time involved with installing traditional solid wood flooring. It can be held in place with nails or glue, depending on the type of surface it’s installed over.


  1. Danny, we had a water leak in our bathroom and it has oak engineered flooring. The leak washed out the fillers between the boards. How can I repaired it. The boards look okay, but needs a filler in some places. Someone told me to use glue and sawdust. Please help me. Jo

  2. Putting in engineered hardware. Told I would need shoe molding???
    Do I do white to match molding or color of floor?

    • Hi, Carol,
      That’s a matter of personal preference, but we find most people paint the shoe molding to match the baseboard.
      Good luck!


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