Hotels can often become a home away from home for guests. That’s why so many hoteliers take steps to provide guests with all the comforts of home, as well as amenities that make staying there a treat.

 However, it can be difficult to create an efficient, comfortable place for guests that’s also easy to maintain and durable. Flooring in high-traffic areas, such as hotels, can really take a beating. Guests often don’t show the same kind of care they would take at home, yet still want their room and the hotel’s common areas to look welcoming. To meet these needs, consider installing engineered wood floors throughout your hotel.

4 Reasons Why Engineered Wood Makes a Great Hotel Flooring Material

1. Durable Hotel Flooring

Hotel Flooring
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Hotels see a lot of foot traffic each day, and there’s no telling exactly what footwear your guests will be wearing when they arrive. Any flooring that you install needs to be able to withstand this commercial level wear while maintaining its good looks.

Engineered and prefinished wood floors are highly durable, with a surface that resists scratches and scuffs from even commercial levels of foot traffic. This is due to the acrylic infusion process that helps create a long-lasting, durable finish on the surface of the floor. 

Unlike unfinished, solid wood floors, engineered wood floors are ready to install and ready to use, with no time-consuming sanding or VOC off-gassing involved in active finishing.  Engineered floors also come with a surface that outlasts anything an installer can create on site.

No matter what finish or style you choose, you can rest assured that the material will continue to look as good as it did the day you had it installed, no matter how many guests pass through the hotel over the years.

2. Stable Hotel Flooring

Hotel Flooring
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Solid wood floors may be beautiful, but they have several drawbacks that make them unsuitable for commercial applications like hotels. One drawback is the way that these floors can be affected by water, humidity, swelling, and contracting over time.

Engineered wood floors are made of several layers of material, each running a different direction and topped with a hardwood veneer. The layering of the base material means that the floors are stable to the point where they can be installed below grade or in high-humidity areas without swelling or warping. 

If your guests spill water and fail to alert housecleaning until the puddle has sat for hours, you don’t need to worry about permanent damage to the floor.

3. Low Maintenance Hotel Flooring

Hotel Flooring

With all the traffic that a hotel gets, it’s important that any flooring you choose is easy to maintain. Engineered wood floors only require sweeping and damp mopping to look their best. They don’t need costly or time-consuming waxing or buffing; the finish is durable enough to last for years with little upkeep. Spills and stains are easily washed away from the surface, unlike carpeting or tile grout where a stain can set, requiring significant effort to remove.

Installed in your lobby or in your guest rooms, engineered wood flooring can be quickly and easily cleaned to keep it looking great. This low-maintenance care combined with the floor’s durability means that it can outlast many other popular flooring materials, saving time and money in the long run while keeping your hotel looking its best.

4. Style and Appearance

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Guests expect your hotel to look sharp and stylish at all times. Engineered wood flooring is an incredibly versatile material that can be used to match and complement nearly any type of architecture or style. 

Whether you own a contemporary hotel or a rustic lodge, it’s possible to find and install an engineered wood floor that can enhance your rooms, giving your guests they experience that they’re looking for.

Engineered hardwood is available in many of the same colors, styles, and finishes of solid hardwood, but with unsurpassed durability. Reclaimed or distressed oak, walnut, ash, and handcrafted hardwood patterns are just some of the choices available, making it easy to complement your hotel’s style.

Get the Best Flooring for Your Hotel

There are numerous materials available today for hotel flooring. That said, only engineered hardwoods combine the beauty and style of real hardwood with the durability and maintenance-free care you need for a high-traffic application like a hotel. 

Give your guests the beauty and style they’re after while providing your hotel with a floor that will last years without refinishing, maintenance, or repair. Get engineered wood flooring for your hotel to get the best material for the job.

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