How to Make Tape Measure Reading Simple

One of the key steps in making accurate woodworking cuts is the tape measure reading — specifically, remembering it once you get to the saw to make the cut.

Now, if you don’t want to carry around a notepad to keep track of these measurements, here’s a Simple Solution that allows you to write the dimensions right on your tape measure.

Ready for this tip to make woodworking and tape measure reading more efficient? Then read on!

Start by peeling the stick-on decal from the side of the tape measure, then clean the surface well to remove all the adhesive. You want to get all the adhesive off, so if you find it difficult to remove the residue, just apply some Goo Gone.

Then take some 120-grit sandpaper and rough in the surface — in other words, just scrub it with the sandpaper so you have a rough enough surface that gives the pencil something to bite into.

You’ll end up with a tape measure with the decal removed and a surface that allows you to write down the dimensions, and easily read them before returning to your woodworking project.

There you go — how cool is that? So, now you know this tip, you no longer have to worry about trying to remember the measurement before you get to the saw. You just read it right off the tape measure and you make your cut.

The other great thing is after you’ve made your cut, you can erase the measurement from the plastic; it comes right off, and you’re ready for the next measurement.  

Watch the video to see the Simple Solution!

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