How to Heat and Cool an Addition on Your Home

Several options are available for heating and cooling an addition on your home, including adding ductwork to your existing HVAC system, if it has enough capacity to handle the added living space, or install a mini-split ductless unit which mounts on the wall and can provide adequate heating and cooling for small rooms such as a bedroom or sunroom addition.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. Hi,have small addition room of 400 Sq.foot in Wilmington NC ,I like heat with the infra red heater and cooling with air conditioning installed in the window? Let me know honestly if this is OK to cover the city code? They told me before I start built will be not problem to cooling and heating any way I wont?Thanks answer me sun us possible thanks again Petra.

    • Hi, Petra,
      Sounds like a great home improvement project you’re tackling!
      Building codes vary with location, so whether your addition complies with Wilmington, North Carolina’s building code is a question for that city’s code enforcement officer.
      We recommend contacting them to review this situation.
      Good luck!


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