How to Dispense Wood Glue the Easy Way

Wood glue in wide top, condiment bottle with bottle of wood glue next to it.
Wood glue in wide top, condiment bottle.

To make it easier to dispense wood glue, wash out an empty, wide top, plastic condiment bottle that’s made to be stored upside down, and fill it with wood glue. Be sure to write “wood glue” on the bottle in big letters and/or remove the condiment label.

Keep the bottle upside down on your workbench to make it easy to dispense the glue.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: Most wood glue come with a nozzle that makes it really easy it really easy to dispense glue. Except when the bottle’s half-empty, then you have to turn it over and shake it and try to get the glue down to the nozzle.

Now, one solution you may have seen—we showed one other episode of Simple Solutions—is drill a hole in a shelf or workbench and just store the bottle upside-down. Well, that’s great if you happen to be working right at the bench, but what if you’re not.

Well, I noticed that condiments are now coming in these upside-down style of bottles. So that, obviously, so when the bottle’s half-full of ketchup, it’ll sink to the bottom, make it really easy to dispense the ketchup.

Well, while I was at the recycling center and I had an empty one, I thought, “Wait a minute, I could use that for glue—the same idea.” Instead of ketchup, I washed it out, and filled it with glue.

And now when I’m ready to work, no matter where I am—on the work bench or out at a job site—the glue’s always ready when I am, because it sinks right down to the nozzle and you can dispense it very easily.


  1. Judging from my experience with those condiment bottles, I think that it would prove difficult to control the initial spurt of glue. My hot dog always ends up with a large blob of ketchup on whichever end I begin dispensing.


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