How to Build an Outdoor TV Cabinet

Our outdoor TV cabinet starts with a piece of half-inch treated plywood. The dimensions of the piece are determined by the size of the TV. Allow a few inches of extra space on each side.

On either side of the plywood, we’re attaching treated 2-by-6’s by driving coated deck screws at an angle into the fence.
A deeper TV may require wider material.

At this point, we can install the TV mount on the plywood. Allow space for the TV to hang on the rails.

Doors for this cabinet are made from treated fence boards to mimic the pattern of the fence behind it. In this case, that means the boards overlap each other by about an inch. We’re using waterproof wood glue and galvanized nails to secure everything together.

On the back of each door we attach a horizontal piece at the top and bottom, with a diagonal piece running between to add strength.

Next, we attach doors to the cabinet using ordinary gate hinges.

To keep rain out, we apply some peel-and-stick roofing starter strip to the top of the cabinet so it overlaps the front edge.

We cover that edge with a strip of the fence material to create a shed-style roof for the cabinet with scraps from our fence boards, again using 1-inch overlap patterns.

Once we coat the cabinet with stain to protect it, we’re ready to mount the TV and begin enjoying it.

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