Win Danny & His Crew: Exterior Home Repairs

Danny Lipford standing on steps with homeowners Vicki and Russ Baker of Jonesboro, Georgia.
Danny Lipford with homeowners Vicki and Russ Baker of Jonesboro, Georgia.

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As one of the winners of our “Win Danny and His Crew for a Day Contest,” Vicki and Russ Baker of Jonesboro, Georgia, had a to-do list of exterior repairs for us to tackle on the front of their home.

Replace Siding

Our first project was replacing some damaged siding on a wall next to the roof of their house. Once the deteriorated siding had been removed, we replaced it with fiber cement siding and painted it to match the house.

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Repair Handrails

Next up was repairing the wobbly handrails going up the front steps of the house. The railings themselves were in fairly good condition, but the wood posts at the bottom needed to be replaced.

Railing before repair.
Railing in need of repair.

The old posts were removed, and new pressure treated 4”x4” posts cut to length and beveled around the top with a circular saw. The replacement posts were then set in holes dug in the ground and attached to the railings with screws.

After making sure the new posts were plumb, the holes were filled with concrete. Holes were drilled in the top of the posts, and the turned finials salvaged from the old posts were glued in place using weather resistant Titebond wood glue.

The missing spacer blocks between the balusters were also replaced, along with the half finials at the top of the stairs. The railings were then sanded, primed, and painted.

Railings and steps after repairs and painting have been completed.
Railings and steps after repairs and painting have been completed.

Repoint Brick Steps

Before repairing the mortar joints on the brick steps, we removed any loose mortar and caulk from the joints. After wetting down the steps with a garden hose, a grout bag applicator was used to fill the joints with Quikrete mortar mix, and the excess mortar was removed using a sponge and water.

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Replace Entry Door and Lock

The weathered wood front door on the home was replaced with a low maintenance fiberglass door.

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt.
Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt.

Gel stain was applied to give the door the look of real wood. After the stain had dried, the door was finished with clear exterior polyurethane for protection.

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To make sure the new door was secure, we installed a Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt which provides keyless entry for up to 30 different codes and comes with a built-in alarm.

The lock can even be operated remotely from a computer or smartphone using the Nexia Home Intelligence system.

Replace Entry Lights

The dated light fixtures on either side of the front door were replaced with new ones from The Home Depot (Progress Lighting Resort Collection, model P5913-122DI) to provide better light and improve the curb appeal of the house.

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New stained fiberglass door and light fixtures.
New stained fiberglass door and light fixtures.

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  1. I would like to know how to enter contest of Danny for a day. I am gifting the equity of my home to my oldest daughter and her daughter and my youngest daughter will live there. The house was built in 1962 and is in decent shape but needs a few things and the girls don’t know where to start. They are wanting to work themselves, just need quidance on what to do. Personally, I think they would make a great show.

    • Hi Karen,
      Our Win Danny and His Crew for a Day Contest is over. Keep checking our website for future contests and giveaways.
      Thank you for your interest!

  2. my concrete driveway has holes all over it.Is there any way to cover these are should I just leave them alone.All the holes are just surface ones but not all the way down to the ground

  3. Is it possible or rather functional when laying floor tile to but the tiles rather then leave a space for grout ?

  4. I would like to enter your contest of Danny for a day for myself and for my daughter. She lives alone and is a fairly new homeowner and is in need of minors repairs to her home. Repairs to railing of her steps/deck has boards that are warped, shutters that have come off etc. I am also needing some major landscaping in the front and need a retaining wall as we have a drainage ditch that floods our back yard when we have a day or two of steady rain. Would love to be on your show.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Our Win Danny and His Crew for a Day contest is over for this year, but check back for other giveaways in the future.


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