Eliminating Mold in Your Home

The presence of mold in your home needs to be addressed as it can cause serious health problems, such as asthma and allergy attacks. However, many the harsh chemicals used to kill mold have health risks as well and require adequate ventilation when used. For a greener option, look for products that kill mold without using bleach, ammonia, or volatile organic compounds.


It seems like no matter where you turn these days there’s a major push toward green living. But there is a green you want to avoid: Mold. In fact, mold has been called the next asbestos because of its potential health threat, and with North Americans spending an average 90% of their lives indoors, it’s easy to understand why. Mold aggravates allergies, is a cause of chronic sinusitis and can trigger asthma attacks. But before you reach for that bottle of bleach, think about this. Many of the same chemicals that will kill the mold are equally toxic to you, your family and pets. Plus, you need plenty of ventilation to use them and, in some cases, you have to temporarily vacate the area after using them. So before you purchase a chemical cleaner, do some serious research for non-toxic mold solutions and find a product with no bleach, ammonia or VOC’s.



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