Most people know they should document their home’s contents for insurance reasons but they often ask why or how to do it the right way. If you have a loss due to fire, theft or natural disaster your insurance company will need certain details to complete the claims process. Those details include:

  • A description of the item
  • The model and serial number
  • The date purchased
  • The purchase price

Photographs or video of your home and possessions is also helpful, and, in the case of a burglary, may be a useful resource for law enforcement officials. The problem is that this documentation won’t help if it’s lost or destroyed so consider saving your information electronically. Take your photos with a digital camera and create your log in a word processing program so they can all be saved in a computer file. This file can be saved to a disc you keep at work or uploaded to a website so you can access from anywhere, including your home.


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