DIY Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tile Accents

Tile for backsplash with DIY mosaic glass tile insert.
Tile for backsplash with DIY mosaic glass tile insert.

Installing a tile kitchen backsplash makes a great DIY project. To dress up the look of the backsplash, consider inserting diamond-shape, mosaic tile accents every two to three feet. Here’s how.

Adding Accents to Tile Backsplash

    1. Cut through the backing on a sheet of mosaic tile to produce small squares of tiles.
    1. Layout the backsplash tile on a flat surface, allowing space for the grout lines.
    1. Position the mosaic tile accent on the backsplash where four corners of the tile meet.
    1. Mark the location of the accent on the four tiles.
    1. Use a wet saw to cut the corners of the four tiles following the lines at a 45° angle.
    1. Install the backsplash tile and mosaic accent pieces on the wall using thin-set adhesive.
    1. After the adhesive has set, apply grout to the grout joints.
  1. Use a damp sponge to wipe any excess grout off the tile.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: I’m getting ready to tile the backsplash in this kitchen, but I thought I’d dress up the design by inserting little diamond accents cut from glass tile.

Now, you might be wondering, where can you buy tiles with the corner clipped off or little squares like this. Well, you can’t buy them, but you can make them yourself easily enough, starting with a sheet of mosaic tiles like this.

What you do is take a utility knife and turn the sheet over and cut through the nylon webbing to create nine squares—that’s three by three. Then, go to the wet saw and clip off the corner of four tiles.

Then when you put them together—you lay it out, make sure you have your grout joints in there. What you create is a diamond-shaped hole perfect for the glass tile.

Now, we’re going to set this on the wall. And you only need this accent piece maybe every two or three feet, but it really dresses up the wall and makes it something special.


  1. Hi, my question is: is it a usual practice to cut mosaic tile to the size of the other tile when it is inserted in a full kitchen backsplash? We had a 4 row, hexagonal-shaped mosaic tile which was cut into a 3″ x 6″ tile. When it got cut, the mosaic tile lost 1 row of the tile and turned out ugly when it was installed. The contractor said it is usual practice. I wanted to find out if this is true.

    Thank you.


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