Cypress Shakes for the Kuppersmith Project House

The cypress shakes we’re putting on The Kuppersmith Project are really looking great. We’re working with the Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association on the project, and the wood shakes we’re installing on the exterior of the house are a real eye-catcher.

Before installing the shakes, we start by putting a layer of Tyvek housewrap over the wood sheathing on the outside wall, followed by the first course of cypress shakes. The next run of shakes has a 6″ exposure and covers the joints in the first to keep water out. We’ve using a Paslode staple gun to attach the shakes to the house, with each layer of shakes covering the staples in the row below.

Once we’ve finished installing the shakes and apply a protective coating of semi-transparent stain, the wood grain will really show up. Thanks to the rot resistant characteristics of cypress wood, the siding on the Kuppersmith house will last a long, long time.


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