Advantages of Using KDAT Pressure Treated Lumber

Building a deck with KDAT, or Kiln Dried After Treatment, pressure treated lumber.
KDAT, or Kiln Dried After Treatment, pressure treated lumber.

KDAT, or Kiln Dried After Treatment, is pressure treated lumber that has been dried after the preservative has been applied.

Unlike most pressure treated lumber, with is often is delivered still wet with preservative, KDAT lumber can be painted or stained right away, and it resists warping, cupping, and shrinkage.

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Pressure treated lumber is the way to go when you’re building outside because the lumber is protected from wood rot, decay, and pests—like termites. But KDAT, or Kiln Dried After Treatment, lumber offers some additional advantages.

Freshly treated wood has to dry out before it can be finished with paint or stain, so kiln drying eliminates that wait. Plus, evenly drying the boards in a controlled environment minimizes the natural tendency of treated wood to shrink, cup, and warp.

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  1. The person I talked to at the store first on your list here in Tampa as selling kdat lumber didn’t know what it was. He said they had plenty but when he showed it to me it was wet pressure treated. None of the Home Depot stores I have visited here sell kdat lumber or if they do it isn’t listed on their websites.

  2. KDAT pressure treated lumber for decking sounds very desirable. However it seems impossible to source anywhere. Not practical if it’s nowhere to be found. Please provide legitimate sources to buy it from.

    • Hi, Jon, features home improvement advice from the nationally syndicated TV show “Today’s Homeowner” and its experts.
      We don’t sell construction products on this website, or refer to distributors, but we encourage checking your local home centers for these materials.
      Good luck with your projects!

  3. I too am having trouble finding kdat lumber. When we were re-doing our back deck, I studied about kdat. I also went to Home Depot and was told that we couldn’t get it here. So we proceeded to use the regular pressure treated wood and after one year, the handrails are twisted and warped. I will be re-doing the handrails this year and will give kdat one more chance to be able to be found. If not, I will use a poly rail.

  4. I want to use KDAT when I replace my deck. I’ve called 4 places. They have never heard of it. Not even the lumber yards are familiar with it. Lowes and Home Depot definitely don’t have it.

  5. Lumber yards don’t seem to understand what KDAT is but I did finally talk with the HD pro desk and we were able to find it in their system. It is a special order item. They also sell hollow core 8×8 post.

  6. I am a lumberyard and I know what KDAT is! We have a kiln and dry material ourselves. Pressure treated doesn’t come KDAT from the treater unless it is specified and there aren’t many that do it anymore. That’s why we do it here.

    • Hi, Heather,
      It’s true that processes vary based on the lumberyard.
      This particular tip comes from YellaWood and specifically applies to YellaWood. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


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