Pressure Treated Wood Deck Maintenance Tips

Pressure treated wood deck after cleaning and sealing.
Pressure treated wood deck after cleaning and sealing.

To keep a pressure treated wood deck looking great, it will need to be cleaned periodically using mild soap or deck cleaner and a pressure washer set on a low pressure setting.

Next, inspect the deck, drive in any protruding nails or screws, and replace any warped boards.

Finally, seal or stain the deck to protect it from rain and sun using a quality deck sealer or stain. Watch this video to find out more.

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A wood deck is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors, but to keep it in good shape you’ll need to do some maintenance. That includes an occasional cleaning with mild soap and a pressure washer set on a low setting.

Then you’ll want to seal the wood with a water repellant—or water repellant stain—to protect it from the effects of rain, sunlight, and temperature change. It’s also a good idea to inspect the deck each spring for warped or splitting lumber, as well as loose or rusted fasteners.

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  1. I had a new deck floor installed about 4 months ago on a 2nd story deck above my garage. We had a very rainy spring and the deck had not yet been sealed. I am sick because the beautiful flat boards are now cupping as I am preparing to clean and stain. Is this normal? I thought I had some time to let the wood age and that the wood could stand up to normal weather for a few months. Should I have stained immediately?

  2. I used a deck paint on my deck 4 years ago. It is peeling up more and more mostly because of winter. I have pressure washed most of it off and used a sealer with stain in it. I want to repaint the steps and leave them the same color can I use an oil base paint instead of latex? Thank you for your help

  3. On tv seen treated deck boards that are cracking on surface can be reversed (turned over) to under side then be reattached . Under side in perfect shape

  4. My apartment manager said the 17 year old patio which has treated floor never needs anything done to it. At 16 years the repainted the boards facing the public but did nothing to the inside where I can see. I had to ask that they hammer down the nails that were popped up but after 17 years in Michigan winter and it faces south so I get the hot sun and winter sleet rain etc.
    I am afraid the patio will cause injury one of these days.

  5. Can a pressure treated deck be sealed with peanut oil? I was told this is the best because it leaves no sticky residue

  6. My outside wood deck has not been stained or treated in over 4 years, and starting to look bad–peeling, and no stain in some areas. It does face South and gets lots of sun.

    Will this cause more issues if I wait, as house is for sale and don’t want to go to the expense or if someone else wants a different color? Thanks


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